For fans of Crystal Pepsi, the drink’s revival could not come too soon. Thanks to five comical spots directed by Escape Velocity Content Director Corbin Richardson (for Pepsico’s internal agency Creators League), the Clear Craze is back, The spots titled, “Bust A Move,” “Wedding,” “Scooter,” “Wings” and “Makeover” are currently being aired on Pepsi’s social media channels.

Pure and Clear
According to Richardson, the clear Pepsi product that originally debuted back in 1992 never completely went away. “Crystal Pepsi built a legion of hardcore fans on the idea of a “pure,:  clear cola,” says Richardson. “The nostalgia for the beverage never really went away, so Pepsi occasionally brings it back.”

L.A. Beast
Richardson believes the drink’s latest re-release was prompted by professional competitive eater/foodie Kevin Strahle, known to all on social media as the L.A. Beast. Two years ago, L.A. Beast starting campaigning for Pepsico to bring back Crystal Pepsi. Social media took notice and it was on. Pepsi tapped Richardson for an ambitious multi-day shoot to announce Crystal Pepsi imminent return. Ultimately, L.A Beast was cast for Richardson’s “Wings” spot. “It was interesting applying a documentary style approach to five semi-scripted comedies,” says Richardson. “Our meditative, yet run and gun approach worked well.”

Red, White and Blue
Each of the spots were shot in quaint, eccentric locations around Los Angeles. In each scenario, Pepsi’s red, white and blue color scheme cannot be missed. “Part of the nostalgia was to play up the brand colors, we made sure of that in post,” adds Richardson. “Bust A Move” features Crystal Pepsi fanatics Austin and Colin. Both dance around Hollywood Boulevard wearing nothing but their tight fitting Pepsi-centric costumes. One hilariously dons a “utility belt” holding six bottles of Crystal Pepsi around his waist. “In Wedding,” Colin pledges unending love for his favorite beverage at the campy, yet charming SameDay Marriage chapel. In “Scooter,” a young man named Lasse cruises the Venice canals with Crystal Pepsi towed on his motorized toy. In “Wings,” LA Beast tames the flame, quenching the fire from the worlds’ spiciest wings with his go-to drink. In “Makeover,” a Crystal Pepsi fan colors her hair as homage to Pepsi at a vintage barber shop.