Belgian-born director, creative director and visual artist Jean-Paul Frenay has joined Accomplice Media for U.S. advertising projects. Frenay’s eclectic output encompasses commercials, music videos, short films, live visual installations and photography.  This includes award-winning work for such brands as Toyota, VW and CPH Bank.

Frenay’s short film You Are the Canvas was a finalist in the Title Design competition at this year’s SXSW Film Festival. His most recent commercial project, a campaign for Lincoln and New York agency Hudson Rouge, showcases his mastery of storytelling and visual effects as a woman dances on the walls and ceiling of an elegant drawing room. He also directed a magical spot for Nissan and Digitas LBi Paris in which a Leaf “dreams” of traveling country roads while “sleeping” in a suburban garage.

Accomplice Media executive producer Mel Gragido says that Frenay’s versatility and the scope of his creative vision make him a unique talent. “You rarely find a director who is as skilled with visual effects as he is sensitive to his actor’s needs.” Gragido notes. “From live action to visual effects to tabletop Jean Paul shows a mastery of technique that says he cannot be pigeonholed. We believe when people see the work and recognize the talent, they will create projects with him in mind.”

For his part, Frenay says that he chose to join Accomplice because Gragido and executive producer Jeff Snyder embraced his desire for constant self-reinvention. “I was looking for a company whose vision went beyond the work I’ve done in the past,” he explains. “I hate repeating myself and was looking for partners who will bring me new challenges.”

Jeff Snyder is enthusiastic about the addition of Frenay to Accomplice.  “I was riveted watching his work when I first saw it,” Snyder notes.  “JP’s work is a masterful blend of amazing visuals, engaging performances and technical expertise.  I’m excited for the opportunity to work with him and bring his unique talents to agencies and brands here in the U.S.”

Frenay began his career as a Flame artist and evolved into directing ten years ago. He quickly became known for his ability to blend techniques, including live action, stop motion, CGI, miniatures, motion design, video mapping and photography. His commercial reel includes groundbreaking, mixed-media work for Nike, Brother, Peugeot, Nescafe, Nissan.

“I look for projects where I can break boundaries,” Frenay says. “I’ve done that throughout my career.  In addition to my desire to continue my work in commercials, I’d like to develop my repertoire to include longer formats and content related projects such as features and TV series, especially those that mix storytelling and visual effects.”

Outside advertising, Frenay has created visuals and interactive installations for plays, dance and experimental works. His short film Artificial Paradise, Inc. was nominated for an Animago Award for Best Technical Direction and screened at festivals worldwide.

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