A Director, multi-dimensional artist and technomancer, J.J. Stratford has built an astronomical portfolio of work exhibited, broadcast, and screened internationally and includes MoCA, Getty Museum, The Hammer Museum, The Palais De Tokyo Paris, and many more. Stratford established Telefantasy Studios in 2004, a mutant movie studio that produces cult television programs, art installations, live shows and music videos, with the “Future Ladies Of Wrestling,” also known as FLOW, being her latest enterprise.

Future Ladies of Wrestling is a no-holds-barred multimedia extravaganza created by Stratford in which the wildest interspecies wrestlers battle for the title of Ultimate Multiversal Warrior. On July 4th, FLOW invaded the Moonlight Rollerway in Los Angeles for a patriotic afternoon of wrestle mania antics as part of “Dirty Looks: On Location,” a month-long film and performance festival activating LA’s queer history curated by Women’s Center for Creative Work.

Although there have only been a handful of FLOW shows, including at Rupaul’s Drag Con in Los Angeles this past year, people love its subversive vibe. “I knew the shows would be fun, but I never expected the crowd participation to be so high level,” Stratford shares. “At our second show, more people showed up than could fit inside the venue. Some fans were outside crying because they couldn’t get in.”

Credits: Directed by Jennifer Juniper Stratford, Produced by Telefantasy Studios, Original Soundtrack by Vision Heat

Bio: Jennifer Juniper Stratford
Jennifer Juniper Stratford is a Director and Video Artist seeking otherworldly representation through the use of outmoded communication technologies to create new and exciting visual realms.

In 2004, Stratford created Telefantasy Studios to create mind-melting mutant video and television experiences. Scavenging the ruins of the post-digital-apocalypse, J.J. hunts down analog broadcast equipment cast off from Hollywood studios. This treasured hardware is then redeployed to create innovative and original new programming, often in alliance with some of the multiverse’s brightest stars to create cult classic public access programs, highly sought-after sim-sense chips, video experiments and music videos which invite you to turn on, jack in, and rock out.

J.J.'s work has been exhibited, broadcast, and screened internationally at MoCA Geffen Contemporary,The Getty, Cinemarfa, CPH:DOX, The Museum of the Moving Image, Cinefamily, Storefront for Art & Architecture, BAM Cinématek, and on public access stations across the United States, as well as various exhibitions in Cyberspace.

Additional Resources: Dirty Looks LA: http://dirtylooksla.org | FLOW: www.futureladiesofwrestling.com