Nationally renowned comedy Director Matt Pittroff partners with Writer Jeff Collins and longtime Producer Steve Blair on a new short film “Social Mediation.” The PandaBlair Production, stars Allegra Edwards (“Upload”, “Friends From College”) Mark Gessner (“Benders,” “Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll”), Charlie Pollock (“Elementary,” “The Good Fight”) and Nadia Gan (“Mr. Robot,” “The Affair”), and demonstrates that “Falling out of love shouldn’t cost you Likes.”

As a couple finalizes their separation, they seek counsel in dividing their most valuable assets – their social currency. Neil and Charlotte have shared an exciting life together. More importantly, they’ve shared a very carefully curated version of that life on social media. Now it’s up to two attorneys to navigate the process of dividing that public facing life into two lives that leave them feeling as interesting, enviable and shareable apart as they were together. 

To view the trailer for short film “Social Mediation,” which hit the festival circuit this spring,  see below or go to:

Pittroff and Writer Jeff Collins met over chivitos and Patricias in Montevideo, Uruguay. While it was selling fried chicken that brought them together, a tiresome friendship soon developed based on quick wit and a mutual respect for each other’s craft. The duo has since partnered on dozens of ad campaigns. “Social Mediation” is their first narrative effort.

Pittroff notes, “As soon as Jeff sent me his script, I knew this film was going to get made. What hooked me was the scary and hilarious idea that we as a society may not be too far from the outlandish idea of ‘Social Mediation.’ I knew that this film would be all about the words and performances, and what I hoped to bring to the table was an execution that shaped the tone of those performances, and the satire by offering up a slightly darker atmosphere. Most importantly, I wanted the actors to have as much space as possible, and for the viewer to be completely undistracted by the process. I love highly technical movies, and I am an incredibly visual person, but when it comes to comedy dialogue, I just like to sit back and watch.”

“I think it was only the second day I knew Matt when he made fun of my sandals in a casting session in Uruguay,” recalls Collins. “Usually Directors are uncommonly nice to the agency in the beginning – and I thought, ‘Oh, I can trust this guy.” Trust him I have with my words ever since. Matt is an incredibly collaborative partner who always brings ideas to the table that make the work better. His attention to detail is exhausting and you could name a hurricane after his work ethic. When he told me he wanted to shoot this script, I knew it was in good hands, and that my footwear was open to scrutiny.”

The team is also currently crafting a feature-length screenplay. “A Loss Like You” is a dark, coming-of-age comedy that chronicles the relationship of an orphaned angry teen and an obsolete, malcontent high school shop teacher who find a rocky common ground over their respective losses. Pittroff and Collins have also lit the burners on a few other projects.

In addition to directing “Social Mediation,” Pittroff has been enjoying continued success in advertising. Last fall, he signed with bi-coastal content company Bodega for commercial representation. He has also directed projects for clients including Pizza Hut, Hilton Honors, Spectrum, and Round Table Pizza, Enterprise Rent-A-Car and DEWALT to name just a few.

About Bodega
Bodega is a content creation studio based in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco. We create commercials, brand content, show opens, promos, films, and digital media for all platforms. Our integrated approach encourages collaboration at every step, from creative development through production, animation, post-production and final delivery. Together, with our in-house partners Northern Lights (editorial), SuperExploder (sound) and Mr. Wonderful (design/branding), we offer the resources of four established, award-winning companies under one roof.

Other Resources:

Director Matt Pittroff Bio
Matt Pittroff has been helming very short-form stories for nearly two decades. Pittroff’s innate positivity and flexibility turn challenges into exhilarating comedic adventures – deftly balancing the absurd with reality – to create an undeniably accessible brand of humor. His prowess for comedic timing has led to successful commercial campaigns for Hilton Honors, Bank of America, Firehouse Subs, McDonald’s, and National Car Rental featuring celebrity talent the lies of Patrick Warburton and Judy Greer. His work has been showcased at Creativity, AdWeek, SHOOT, and at Cannes.

Writer Jeff Collins Bio
Jeff Collins has been honing his craft of storytelling in 30-second intervals for the last decade. His practiced ability to say the name three times, repeat the offer and still get a joke in, has made him a nimble and nuanced dialogue writer whose characters quickly develop. His love of compressed comedy and a refusal to stop rewriting has helped to create successful, and even some award-winning, advertising campaigns for Budweiser, Honda, KFC and Hershey’s to name a few.