Director Simon Eustace has joined MUGSY for exclusive U.S. representation. This will be the first U.S. representation for the London-based visual storytelling and dialogue director.

Known for his contemporary visual style and honest performances from both actors and non-actors, Eustace brings positive enthusiasm and calm confidence to his sets.

“I’m thrilled to be joining MUGSY and jumping into the U.S. market,” says Eustace. “I always try to bring a universal look and feel to my spots, since so many commercials these days are viewed globally either on TV or digitally.”

Eustace studied film production in college but then spent several years as the bass player for a popular Irish band. He directed music videos for his own band, then others in Ireland and the U.K., before starting his commercial directing career in 2011.  Eustace credits his music video background for teaching him how to work well with non-professional actors and for finding ways to make his commercials stand out.

“You can’t just make a standard music video and put it online and expect people to share it on social media. It has to be interesting. The same thing applies to commercials and digital advertising these days. You have to grab the viewer’s attention. Not just so they watch it, but so they interact with it and share it.”

Eustace’s recent spot for the UEFA’s effort to increase girl’s youth soccer participation “Come Play” is a prime example of that approach. The multi-platform spot was a key driver for girls to visit the “We Play Strong” website and learn more about the program.

Other recent spots include a look at the behind-the-scenes perfection of Wimbledon, a stylized and sophisticated look for Amazon Fashion, a dialogue-driven storytelling spot for Leinster Rugby, and a moody brand film titled “Two Wolves.”

“What I love about Simon’s work is his strong point-of-view regardless of the subject matter,” says MUGSY executive producer Sean Reilly. “His work draws viewers in from the first frame and engages them throughout the spot. I think that’s very important in this age of hyper attention deficit. Finding a way to retain a viewer - even for thirty seconds – has become a major challenge. Simon’s spots leave you wanting to see more and compel viewers to watch them again and more closely.”

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