“Why Bother?” That’s the question Director Tim Damon recently got to answer while highlighting the features of the new Lexus ES models for automaker Lexus and agency Team One.

A Product Of Mastery

The spot prompts viewers with a series of questions, while highlighting the technological prowess of the new Lexus ES 300h (hybrid), ES350F Sport and ES 350 sedan. Each question separates Lexus from other luxury car models. “The agency and Lexus take it a step further,” says Damon. “Rather than just highlight the car’s technology, the spot plays up the immense research and development that make it all possible.”

Experience Amazing

The spot starts with graphic details of the Lexus, both inside and out. Damon moves both light and camera over each Lexus ES design element. Taillights, headlights, wood paneling, digital dashboard, shift paddle and backlit climate controls. Audio navigation system screens, along with remote controlled mirrors. “Today’s cars feature dozens of different textures, which makes every shot challenging and fun to shoot,” says Damon. “Every texture demands a different lighting approach and camera move.”

“Why test the hybrid engine for over 6 million miles?” the voiceover inquires. “Why hand-tune an audio system? Why include the most active safety system in its class, standard?” The scenes switch from stage to street, as the Lexus moves nimbly through the night. “Much more dynamic to shoot cars in the dark,” says Damon. “Today’s cameras allow for shooting with existing light from the street lights and buildings. Done right, the lighting just flows with the car.”