The Honda Civic is an iconic automobile, known worldwide for its legendary reliability, amazing fuel efficiency and rock solid practicality. Now add wicked performance, laser beam handling and stunning horsepower to the list, courtesy of the new Honda Type R. Director Tim Damon recently traveled to Honda’a Proving Ground to capture the Type R In action for agency RPA. Damon’s stills and footage are being used on the car’s dedicated website, to help prospective buyers build the Honda Type R of their dreams.

“We let the car speak for itself,” says Damon. “Fans of Honda have probably wondered what it would be like for the Civic to be powered by a more robust engine, six speed shift and guided by an advanced race suspension. Now you can find out.” In the stills and web video treatment, a pair of Type Rs play cat and mouse from sun up to sunset. The weather varies from sunny to showers, but the aggressive track play never lets up. “There’s only one way to show off performance,” says Damon. We put our best precision drivers in the cars and let her rip.”

Beauty and Performance
According to Damon, the shot lists for the project were as ambitious as the Type R’s features. “It’s about beauty and performance,” adds Damon, whose team turned Honda’s Proving Ground in Cantil, California into a race track by laying down rumble strips, reflective striping, cones, signage and barriers. Toolboxes, lines, air hoses, fuel jugs and fire extinguishers gave the grounds a pit.  “We show off performance from the outside in,” says Damon. “20 inch wheels, high performance tires, spinning Brembo brakes, powerful exhaust, rear vortex generator, spoilers and suspension in action. Inside, we highlight the six speed manual shift, high rev-lines and ergonomic seating. The footage screams performance.”

About Tim Damon
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