Director Tim Damon recently used his car stage to highlight the desirability to lease the new Acura ILX in a seven-spot campaign for agency MullenLowe - Los Angeles.

Dealers Standing By

In each spot in the campaign titled, “Call Me,” a seductive voice flirts with viewers, then asks them to call a 1-844-THRILL number for special lease deals on the new Acura ILX. “The creative is clever and unique,” says Damon. “We gave each spot a nightclub-like vibe. It was great to work again with the creative team from MullenLowe.”

Come Closer

Two of the spots, titled, “Jewel Eyes and “Doors Open,” highlight the sensibilities of the entire campaign. In “Jewel Eyes,” the spot opens facing the ILX. The gunmetal colored car turns into a blaze of headlights as the voiceover plays, “Look deep into my eyes, but not too, too deep, you might go blind.” In “Doors Open,” an ILX spins slowly with door wide open while the voiceover teases the viewer to “slip into something a little more comfortable.”

Stage 20/Proprietary Lighting

For the campaign, Damon employed an ILX finished in modern steel metallic paint, perfect to reflect the colored lights. Custom LED lighting rigs from Damon’s toolbox at stage20 gave each car the proper flirtatious vibe. “It was great to utilize the new fixtures,” he says. “Red, blue and white kino flos with matching LED lights overhead, some stage fog.... all served to give the ILX a seductive, romantic backdrop.”

About Tim DamonTim Damon is represented for commercials and digital work through Square Planet Media/Damon Productions. For more information contact Kendra Wester at 310-632-4090. For more information on Stage 20 rental, contact John Urso at 310- 632-4090.