Award-winning Director/DP Fergus Stothart has joined LA-based Wild Plum for United States commercial representation.  His distinctive style is highly aesthetic, with an emphasis on spectacular photography and organic, authentic filmmaking.

“My goal is to build passionate and emotional stories that evoke a powerful response from viewers," says the director.  “I love the short formats of advertising spots and believe strongly in brand identification and loyalty.”

Born in Australia, Stothart grew up on a farm north of Sydney before spending his later childhood throughout Europe.  He attended the Catalan Institute for Photography in Spain before moving to Copenhagen and jumpstarting his career in photography as an assistant.  After establishing himself as a formidable photographer in Scandanavia, he moved back to Barcelona where he quickly became one of Spain’s leading photographers, shooting for Volkswagen, Audi, Seat, Renault, among others.  His phenomenal auto work earned him awards at Cannes, Sol, FIAP and CLEO, as well as Audi International’s “Best Print Ad of the Year”.

In 2005, Audi commissioned Stothart to direct his first television commercial.  The progression was natural and he's not looked back, creating beautiful films for clients like Coca-Cola, The Home Depot, Chrysler, Alpura, and The Canary Islands.  Most recently, he completed a Microsoft spot with international soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo, highlighting the brand’s ability to connect the world.

“Fergus is a first-class visualist and storyteller,” says Wild Plum Executive Producer Shelby Sexton.  “His work has touched every corner of the globe and we are absolutely thrilled to have him join our team and the great work we know we will do together.”

“I always tirelessly strive to ensure the original ideas at the heart of every great treatment reach their full creative potential,” states Stothart.  “I’m very excited to now be part of the amazing team at Wild Plum and continue to do just that.”

About Wild Plum
With over two decades in advertising and entertainment, award-winning production house Wild Plum has evolved into a creative collective, producing across commercial, branded, music video, interactive and original content platforms. Our roster and commercial work boasts from today's most exciting and relevant directorial, producer, and creative talent.

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Wild Plum is capable of any type of project of any size. We have handled everything from multi-million dollar budgets to productions with no budget at all. With a fully equiped edit bay, we are capable of finishing any project in-house, allowing for a one-stop shop for clients. Additionally, Wild Plum has a reputation for creative solutions for productions of any budget size. There is literally no project, great or small, that could not be handled under our roof.