Director/DP/Photographer Tim Damon, most noted for his car spots and sheet metal shooting prowess, has opened stage20. The stage has a specially designed layout for completing world-class car work. Damon is probably best known for his recent combo still/spot assignments for Lexus, Corvette, Chrysler, Toyota and Goodyear. stage20 is located in Gardena, a small city located about 10 miles southeast of Hollywood.

Damons New Digs
"What I love about the new production facility and stage is that it is huge, says Damon. "I like high ceilings and lots of room, I don't like lights right on top of my cars. stage20 gives me the ability to locate my light sources far from the vehicles. It's a super clean setup that clients really dig."

Proprietary Lights/Proprietary Mounts
stage20 features everything Damon needs to complete world class car spots and photography. The cyc stage is 65’ wide, 20’ tall and 100 feet in length. It features two flying flats, two rolling flats/shoot through grill flats and an on-premise 15 x 40 foot proprietary light box system. According to Damon, stage20 also features proprietary mounts that allow for both video and still cameras to be held concurrently on the same arm. “The result is superior still images,” says Damon. “As opposed to having to “capture” images from high resolution, but low megapixel, video cameras.”

Gated, Private and Secure
stage20’s gated and private location allows for easy vehicle delivery, secure storage and client privacy. The building is equipped with twin extra tall 13’ roll-up doors. Everything needed for a shoot is under one roof; grip, strobes, hot lights, camera supports, flags, silks and plenty of power.

Significant Creative/Budget Advantages
Damon believes that his stage offers clients significant advantages, both in creativity and costs. “Say an agency hires a car director,” says Damon. The director goes into Hollywood to rent the same stage, use the same light box and supplies everyone else uses. That’s akin to taking four rock bands playing the same guitars, same drum kit, using the same producer and recording hardware but expecting a unique and inspired sound. At stage20 we have proprietary lighting systems, plus the freedom to change everything around. That kind of “at-a-moments-notice” flexibility is something you can’t find at a standard stage. Plus, budgeting for combination video/still assignments under one roof makes for the most cost-efficient production.”