It’s been a while since Scott McCullough directed a music video, since clients like Pepsi, Ford, Kubota and GM has kept him busy.  Recently, he jumped back into the music video pool as the director, cinematographer and editor on a new track for a local LA band.  Known for working with Prince on dozens of projects, he was craving a familiar creative outlet.

McCullough states, “These musicians had something cool and wanted me to direct the video for it.  Once I heard the song, I was in.  I get tracks sent to me all the time and most don’t go past minute one!  This song was great and I knew the performance would be good, so I was thrilled and immediately jumped on board.  The treatment and the concept flowed into a film which I think turned out well."  The film was shot within 10 hours at one location in Los Angeles (including load and wrap) shot last February.

The performance video highlights the musicianship of each member.  According to McCullough, “The challenge here was creating unique and entertaining visuals that keep viewers engaged - with a very challenging budget.  I wanted to showcase the energy of the guys in a cool way - simply, effectively and with a ton of energy.”

“I have a great deal of comfort and confidence that started when I was working with the late Icon Prince” McCullough says.  Having arguably the most credits and footage shot with Prince has assisted his unique abilities over the years.  Amending a concept to new levels is honed from intuition and experience - a valuable asset to any project.

McCullough enlisted assistance from Producer Chris Kooreman of Beat Royalty Group to ensure efficient and creative production process.  “Chris is an amazing producer with his ability to secure equipment, facilities and awesome personnel.  Music videos are a challenge, in one-way or another.  I needed a proven professional who’s great to work with.”

According to McCullough, editing is as important as the image creation...and fun.  “I have started my career in music videos working directly with Prince and he was a challenging mentor.  When I edit, it’s an intuitive thing for me…organic in nature and it needs to be honest.  The performances were a sensational experience to cut…it flowed and edited with ease due to the energy that band presented on camera.”  Scott also served as the editor and colorist on this project.

Unfortunately, the band broke up as quickly as they formed.  McCullough concludes, “Bands break up all the time and it's very sad that it can't go any further than this collaboration as a promotional/demo piece for me as the filmmaker of it.  I loved working on it and I'm looking forward to doing more." 

McCullough's been focusing on six feature films and created two dramatic series projects - all are in active development with legitimate partnerships.  He's available as a freelance director for content and commercials.

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