Director/Photographer Stewart Cohen held a book signing of his latest monograph, “Seeing Red,” at Nuvo gift shop on Friday, November 22nd. Neighbor, Parigi Restaurant, joined in the celebration by offering all redheaded dinner guests a complimentary red velvet cupcake.

Seeing Red explores the popular notion that redheads are on their way to extinction. It was this rumor that piqued Stewart’s interest and ignited his desire to untangle the mysteries surrounding red hair with a fine-tooth comb. He examined a cross section of gingers from all walks of life that resulted in a series of portraits captured in a way that Stewart envisioned an extinct species to be displayed. Although, each of the redheads captured on these pages seem to be that much more full of life.

SCPictures is a full-service content production company located in Dallas, Texas that specializes in creating end-to-end live-action and still photography content.

To purchase Seeing Red, order online at Dream Editions Press orders placed by December 10th  will receive a signed copy.  To see more of Stewart Cohen’s work visit SCPictures and connect on social media – InstagramFacebook