Donate Life Hollywood announced the launch of its new DLH Activate App designed to enable the donation community to respond rapidly to organ donation storylines appearing in television and film. Through this app, people will be able to respond immediately to a negative storyline, support a positive storyline, learn about casting opportunities, upload real-life stories and much more.

“We live in a time when the reach and influence of the media are more powerful than ever, and research shows that dramatic storylines directly impact a viewer’s feelings and actions around organ donation,” said Donate Life Hollywood Founder Tenaya Wallace. “The DLH Activate App is an epic shift in the way advocates of organ donation and transplantation can help educate and positively influence the entertainment industry in an area where life and death topics are at stake.”  

The DLH Activate App is a mobile platform customized and designed specifically for Donate Life Hollywood. The app directly engages individuals and encourages them to take action at the touch of a button on their phones and in doing so leverage and amplify the social media networks of the donate life community. The communication stemming from this can encourage millions to watch a program, push back on falsehoods in storylines or help educate the Hollywood community on the truths behind donation and transplantation. 

 “Unlike most other subjects that are dramatized in Hollywood, the majority of the public has never actually experienced donation and thus do not have any information to counter what they see on the screen,” said Wallace. “The result is that they are highly influenced, positively or negatively, by the fictional account of a very real and serious topic. When Hollywood gets it wrong, it can cost lives. The new app is one tool that we hope will help Hollywood get it right.”

The new DLH Activate App was created and is powered by Crowd Advocacy, which creates mobile platforms that allow an organization to leverage its community (partners, staff, volunteers and supporters) around unified goals.

Donate Life Hollywood serves as a liaison between the organ donation community and the entertainment industry with the goal of seeing more authentic and empowering stories about donation and transplantation. Through Donate Life Hollywood, film companies, television programs, entertainment studios, producers and writers have access to a network of experts—from renowned transplant surgeons to families whose loved ones became an organ donor—for free consultations on all aspects of organ, eye and tissue donation and transplantation. The program is run through the OneLegacy Foundation and supported by organ procurement organizations, tissue banks, transplant centers and people personally touched by donation.

Funded by the nonprofit OneLegacy—the nation’s largest organ, eye and tissue recovery organization—the OneLegacy Foundation was formed in 2011 to help educate and inspire people to take action in support of living and deceased donation. The foundation is the lead sponsor of the annual Donate Life Rose Parade float every Jan. 1 in Pasadena as well as the annual Donate Life Run/Walk, which this year attracted more than 12,000 participants in support of the power and impact of donation.  

Download the DLH Activate App on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.