“Barbara and Stanley: A Modern Romance” is a fascinating exploration of the forty-year long-distance romance between Barbara Flood and Stanley Dorfman. The short documentary film marks the first collaboration between director Rachel Fleit and editor Sloane Klevin. It was co-produced by Killer Films Media, where Fleit serves as Creative Director, and Union Editorial, where Klevin is Partner/Editor. For more than four decades, Dorfman and Flood have been in a relationship, despite never living in the same time zone. Dorfman, a film director, producer and co-creator of iconic British music show Top of the Pops lives in Los Angeles; former actress/model turned stylist and interior designer Flood lives in New York City. The documentary premiered on Nowness.com March 24.

While the film’s eponymous couple tout the virtues of a bicoastal relationship, Fleit and Klevin can testify to the benefits of working in close proximity to your collaborators. Fleit had been spending quite a bit of time at Union NY, cutting a fashion film with Eric Argiro, then a UBS spot with Laura Milstein, and a Cadillac campaign for Spike DDB with Andrew Doga. “We became friendly and chatted whenever we could, usually in the kitchen, and Rachel told me she was making a short documentary film,” Klevin recalled. “She told me almost nothing about the film except that she was terribly excited about it, and that it was a love story.” 

“I thought Sloane might offer a little advice, but she said, ‘I’d love to cut your film!’ and we were off,“ Fleit said. “This film would not be possible without the support and talent at Union Editorial.” 

“Rachel had already filmed a couple of days, so I watched the footage and we made a shot list that was kind of a wish list of what else she could get with Barbara and Stanley,” Klevin said. Over time, as Fleit kept filming and Klevin kept cutting, the film’s potential and charm grew. “The cool thing was, even though it's not a big story, whenever we would show it to people they just fell in love with Barbara and Stanley,” Klevin marveled. “So, everybody we asked for help said yes without hesitation. We were really lucky to have Union’s Zivkovic mix the film and Chris Bialkowski animate the titles. Mike Howell from Color Collective did the color correct. We submitted to a few festivals, but my dream from the beginning was to have this film premiere on Nowness. So it was such a thrill when they said they wanted this film at the full length, and didn't even ask us to cut it down.” (Nowness does have its own font and style rules that all their films adhere to. As such, the version done by Bialkowski does not appear on that site.)

“Their relationship is modern, cool and aspirational,” said Fleit, who views this as the first in a series of short documentary films about interesting older people. “I started filming them separately in New York and Los Angeles and when they were together in their respective homes. What struck me about them at first is that they literally have separate lives; they are such individuals on so many levels, and when they come together they are the most dynamic duo, deeply bonded and truly in love.”

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