Full-service production and post company ELEMENT has become the official video content producer for SPIN and Gear Magazine founder Bob Guccione Jr.’s luxury travel publication, WONDERLUST. ELEMENT will produce companion videos to WONDERLUST feature stories, showcasing unique travel destinations and interviewing the residents of marvelous locales.

As part of the partnership launch, ELEMENT director Craig Orsini has helmed the outlet’s first video: an accompaniment to “Paradise Regained,” an article on Costa Rica’s Rafiki Safari Lodge, an eco-tourism destination. Zeroing in on a segment of the upcoming article highlighting the lodge’s sustainability efforts, Orsini interviews both founders and gives readers a portal perspective of the destination’s many offerings to accompany the story.

Notes Guccione, “It's a great pleasure to be working with Eran! He is a leader in the video content space and an artist first and foremost. He thinks like a television producer, a storyteller who has deep experience in commercial advertising and a passion and instinct for social and digital platforms. We can integrate brands into our stories, because our videos will be honest and authentic.”

Adds ELEMENT CEO and Executive Producer Eran Lobel, “Bob is an amazing storyteller, and our team is excited to produce companion video content to align with his amazing articles.”

Where many digital news outlets have gradually shifted to emphasize video content production over thoughtfully reported and written text articles, ELEMENT and WONDERLUST intend to integrate editorial and video, rather than separating the two. This joint emphasis will build WONDERLUST engagement over time, on storylines bylined by the industry’s top travel journalists.

ELEMENT is a full-service video production and post company creating content for distribution across all media platforms and was founded by Executive Producer Eran Lobel. For over 20 years, ELEMENT’s collaborative team of award-winning producers, directors, and editors, as well as writers, designers, and strategists, have applied their passions to tell poignant stories. Stories brought to life in documentary films, original television programs (episodic and specials), broadcast commercials, web videos, and social content. With a global network of creative professionals, ELEMENT provides best-in-breed, innovative solutions to its clients’ ever-evolving content needs. ELEMENT believes great video storytelling is rooted in authenticity. An art and a craft, it is the soul-satisfying result when compelling imagery and purposeful narrative are thoughtfully intertwined.

WONDERLUST is a new kind of luxury and aspirational travel publication, sophisticated, fun, smart, intuitive and imaginative, and created in the perpetual sense of wonder our name implies. We believe travel nourishes the soul. We know where the best places are and what to avoid and what not to miss. Sometimes we are funny because the world is quite often funny. We are a manual on how to better enjoy the planet.