In a rare move, Netflix is offering its Emmy®-nominated documentary The Social Dilemma free to anyone on YouTube. The film, which the Today Show called "mind-blowing" and "the most consequential film I have seen in the past three or four years," reveals the hidden harms caused by the social media platforms and search engines that billions of people use every day.

The Social Dilemma features Silicon Valley ex-insiders explaining how social media keeps users addicted and preys on their emotions — all while making massive profits. The New York Times called the film "remarkably effective in sounding the alarm about the incursion of data mining and manipulative technology into our social lives and beyond."

Since its release one year ago, the documentary has shaped congressional hearings and legislation worldwide, helped concerned technologists take action within companies, and helped families make healthier choices about the role of social media in their lives.

"The Social Dilemma has already helped an estimated 100 million people globally understand the harms and misaligned incentives of persuasive technology," said Tristan Harris of the Center for Humane Technology, who is featured in the documentary. "Imagine what's possible now that 2.3 billion people have access to the film, including automatic subtitles in almost every language via YouTube."

Harris is co-founder and president of the Center for Humane Technology, which is encouraging people around the world to take advantage of the film being free on YouTube until September 30. Until now, it had been available exclusively on Netflix.

"Because of The Social Dilemma, millions have woken up to the harms of technology they use every day," said Randima Fernando, co-founder and executive director of the Center for Humane Technology. "Now that anyone with a decent internet connection can watch The Social Dilemma for free, they can easily share the film with family, friends, schools, parents groups, neighborhood groups, and religious communities. Countless more people will begin to demand humane technology that treats our attention and intentions as sacred, protects our well-being, and strengthens our capacity to tackle our biggest global challenges."

The Center for Humane Technology (CHT) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to catalyzing a more humane future. CHT exposes the insidious effects of persuasive technology and its underlying systems while deepening the capacity of global decision-makers and everyday leaders to take wise action.