Filming on the drama feature “Here We Are,” directed by Emmy®-nominated producer Billy Clift (“A Long Road to Freedom, The Advocate Celebrates 50 Years”), from Magical Iguana Productions wrapped principal photography in Los Angeles. The ensemble cast includes Mel England (“Best Day Ever”), Wil Jackson (“Law & Order”), Oscar®-nominated Golden Globe winner Sally Kirkland (“80 for Brady”), Christine Elise (“Chucky”), Gregory Zarian (“Westworld,”), and Elizabeth Regen (“Whoopi”), among others.

“I was compelled to collaborate with Mel and Wil when they pitched it to me because the subject matter inspired me,” said Clift. “Racism comes from unexpected places, our friends, our family, our community, and I've dedicated my career to focus on shedding light onto important issues like this.”

“Here We Are” began production before the onset of the COVID pandemic, paused during the lockdown, then resumed amid a changing world. “It was a huge challenge shooting in the middle of a pandemic because we had to do it in pieces,” Clift continued, “But it enabled us to incorporate what was happening in the world into the film because it was so deeply relevant.” 

"Here We Are" explores how people in marginalized communities continue to survive in a world surrounded by the existential threats of homophobia and racism while living in a country in political turmoil that threatens the safety of all minorities.  The movie focuses on a gay, interracial couple, Phil (England), Jewish, and John (Jackson), African American.  They decide to move in together just as Covid erupts, forcing them into a lockdown, along with their neighbor Karen (Elise), a single mom with a 5-year-old Asian daughter.  As the polarized nation’s race and culture wars explode, John must finally “come out” to his conservative African American family. At the same time, Phil’s alcoholic mother (Kirkland) succumbs to rabid conspiracy-filled politics. With nowhere to run, Phil and John finally face their buried pasts and each other and discover who they are.

Clift, England, and Jackson co-wrote the script. They also co-produced along with  Jerome Joseph Gentes of TigerBear Productions. The filmmakers are discussing with several distribution companies an expected 2023 release date.

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