Producers of the popular business reality competition streaming series “Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch” have implemented a unique new production process to execute the show’s interactive format during the COVID-era. The series, a property of Entrepreneur Magazine, features entrepreneurs pitching their potentially billion-dollar ideas to a panel of high-profile investors.

M3 Creative, the production company behind the hit show, is midway through season six. According to producers, the series is “doing amazingly well - averaging 2.4 million views per episode.”

Bill Shaw, President of Entrepreneur Media, says of the shoot, which spanned a week and included talent from across the country, “We weren’t going to let the pandemic stop our show. M3 and Entrepreneur figured out a way to turn ‘work from home’ into an actual asset by creating a production pivot that gave our audience a different but ultimately great version of our show.”

Regarding the new production process, Andy Meyers, owner of M3 Creative and the show’s Executive Producer and Director, says, “Using our recent experience shooting for our entertainment marketing partners, we set up a process for ‘Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch’ where we shot the contestants pitching their products and services via Zoom and recorded those pitches 4k ProRes. Then, with iPhone 11s shooting 4k and ring lights and shotgun mics we had sent, we recorded the investors’ reaction to those pitches. If they wanted to invest, we brought the contestant in with the investors while they recorded their individual takes on their phones. That footage looked awesome. And the contestant footage, while not perfect, looks cool to the audience because there’s an expectation of a more consumer approach.”

“Every night, the investors would upload their footage from those phones to our M3 FTP. I directed two shows a day for a week, all from the home office, using two separate workstations—one to communicate with the investors and make sure they were rolling, and the other to record the contestants. The M3 team was involved and on the Zooms as well to log, QC, and ensure I didn’t mess anything up. The show looks fast-paced and exciting, and to have been able to tweak the show’s format to fulfill the safety requirements of the COVID-era makes the results even more cool,” Meyers adds.

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In early 2019, Entrepreneur Media, Inc., and M3 Creative entered into a partnership that established M3 Creative as Entrepreneur Media’s content creation production studio. For the past two years, M3 Creative has been creating customized narrative, reality and branded content for Entrepreneur Media across all of its digital platforms: online, streaming and mobile. In 2018, M3 Creative stepped in to start producing Season Two of “Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch,” which was seen by over 25 million people. The success of the show’s second season led to Entrepreneur Media and M3 deciding to formalize a more substantial production partnership arrangement in 2019.

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Founded in 2003 and based in Los Angeles, M3 Creative is a multi-award-winning production company and studio delivering all forms of creative content, marketing and advertising solutions to many of Hollywood’s biggest studios and networks, as well as many of the world’s most popular brands. The company regularly produces a wide variety of content around the world, including reality TV shows, interstitials, promos, branded campaigns, commercial spots, long-form specials, webisodes, 30-minute daily shows, music videos, mobile content, EPKs, home video material and pro-social media campaigns. In addition, M3 Creative has produced two original feature films, Dead Night and John Dies at the End, as well as marketing materials for many of Hollywood’s biggest blockbusters, including four of the top ten grossing motion pictures of all time.

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