Escape Velocity Content Director Corbin Richardson recently chronicled the art and science behind engineering the latest model Mazda for agency Garage Team Mazda. The two-minute “passion piece”  was part of a larger campaign directed by Richardson for the automaker.

The Story
In the branding film, Richardson chronicles the passion of building the perfect car by interviewing four Mazda engineers whose work is integral to the final design. “We wanted to document the
thought process and effort behind what makes a Mazda special,” says Richardson, who shot the branding film on location in Los Angeles and Austin, Texas.  “A visual analogy that takes you from car to special moments, and back again.”

Warm Clay
The “Passion Piece” begins with Mazda Modeler Cyrille Bordeau. Richardson captures the man working with clay, instead of taking a digital approach to exterior design. “Clay, it’s emotional, and it’s warm material,” he says, the camera following him shaving bits of organic material off the Mazda CX SUV body, to obtain the perfect shape.

Kodo Design
What a car looks like the moment its energy becomes motion is referred to as Kodo Design. Richardson interviews Mazda Exterior Design Manager Ethan Song, discussing how sheet metal can turn to liquid when put in motion. Images of ballets dancers and the bright red Mazda highlight the director’s artful approach. “I used to draw cars since second grade, he says. “I find mine inspiration from anything that moves.”

A Visceral Interior
Richardson then takes movers viewers to the Mazda’s interior, highlighting the importance of sound and music inside the car. He talks with Matthew Valbuena, Mazda’s Human-Machine Interface Engineer as he relates his being inspired by deaf parents. “I wanted to show them music that they could feel,” he says. Valbuena brought a visceral energy to the sound system in the car. Richardson captures images of a cello soloist intercut with details of the car’s audio system.

One With The Machine
The “Passion Piece” wraps with poignant images that celebrate the connection between man and machine. Richardson documents Kiri Kelley, Jinba Ittai  Ambassador, discuss the connection between horse and rider, driver and car, as applied to the Mazda. Richardson captures horse and rider in complete harmony, intercut with images of drivers confidently at the controls of their Mazda. “Making the human feel connected to the vehicle, the same as with horse and rider” she says.

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