The official music video for “Welcome” by Fort Minor, a project by Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park, created and produced by Los Angeles-based integrated creative + production company The Uprising Creative is now available in the Hulu VR app.

Shinoda and The Uprising Creative co-founder and director Jeff Nicholas joined forces to create an experience that would embody the spirit of “Welcome” - a song meant to offer a sense of connection and community to the outcasts and underdogs. Filmed in Venice, CA, the video immerses viewers into the famous boardwalk environment alongside Shinoda as he performs, parties with locals, and spray paints an 80-foot-long canvas mural.

One of the very first 360/VR music videos ever created, “Welcome” is a prime example of how VR can be expertly used as a tool to create much deeper visual, auditory and emotional experiences. The experimental approach resonated with fans, reaching an impressive view count of over 5 million on YouTube 360.

Off the success of this VR project and others, The Uprising Creative developed its own virtual reality content studio, VEHICLEvr, to focus on original and branded VR content creation. With VEHICLEvr, the directors, producers, and makers at The Uprising Creative (and their partners) have a focused space to explore this new medium, and to create 360/VR content that doesn’t have to adhere to the rules and structure of traditional content development and production.  

The Uprising Creative is amongst the first to provide Hulu with premium original content as they take their first steps into the VR landscape, and will continue to play an integral role in supporting Hulu in their ongoing mission to evolve the art and experience of storytelling.