Oreo, FCB Jakarta, and Director Kiran Koshy, have created a pair of playful spots to celebrate the 2020 Lunar New Year in South East Asia and the Oreo brand’s new offerings.

In the spot for Tết, the Vietnamese Lunar New Year, a granny and her granddaughter save the day, and the Tết family dinner, from the grip of hi-tech digital devices using a low-tech traditional percussive instrument, and Oreos. The two generations jam together and play a popular tune to bring their family closer, and get them off their devices.

It features the new Oreo gift box and the accompanying Oreo music sheet, which when scanned by a smartphone plays a set of popular Vietnamese tunes.

The second spot, for the Chinese Lunar New Year, launches the new Oreo Red Velvet variant of the beloved cookie. Perfect timing, considering how auspicious and relevant the color red is to Chinese New Year, and Chinese culture.

The spot starts with a kid itching to dig into a plate of Oreos before the family dinner. His dad, who’s decorating the house with red objects, as is the tradition, tells him he can do so only when everything in the house is red. The kid playfully engages in a cheeky kung-fu fantasy where he imagines he’s the one changing everything to red…objects that we can see are already red. His family indulges him as they play along with his fantasy. His dad, however, sees this and playfully switches the plate of regular Oreos with a plate of new red velvet ones, surprising the boy.

The campaign was produced by Directors Think Tank, who represent Kiran in South East Asia, along with SlashDynamic in the US, and Nomad/Never Ending Story in India.