Pass the spiked eggnog, get cozy and listen up: the holidays are fast approaching and ALIBI Music has editors covered with the release of five festive Christmas albums. Ready to back up an extensive slate of on-screen, holiday-themed projects, the new production music ranges from heartwarming melodies and exhilarating rock beats to jazzy classics and spirited originals – all with ALIBI’s signature formatting, stems and alt versions. Check out ALIBI’s new Christmas albums here:

Christmas Rock (12 Tracks, 529 Audio Files, LISTEN)
Artfully marrying the joy and warmth of yuletide celebrations with exhilarating rock beats, this is an invigorating soundtrack for the season. Each track serves up an irresistible cocktail of merry lyrical vocals, energetic rock beats, and the fiery passion of the electric guitar. Original compositions paint a vivacious holiday portrait, bringing a refreshing and electrifying dimension to your Christmas experience. An excellent fit for a broad range of sync and library music uses.

Magical Christmas (11 Tracks, 380 Audio Files, LISTEN)
This album brims with original compositions that capture the spirit and joy of the festive season. Crafted with heartwarming orchestral instrumentation, each song weaves a tale of wonder, evoking memories of snowy landscapes, twinkling lights, and cherished moments. Ideal for content creators aiming to infuse their work with the magic of Christmas, be it movies, adverts or festive event promos.

Big Orchestral Christmas (13 Tracks, 423 Audio Files, LISTEN)
With bombastic, thrilling and rompy melodies, this album harnesses the full power of orchestration to deliver a Christmas like no other. Each track features rich layers of instruments, enveloping the listener in a sonic spectacle to capture the true essence of the season. These tracks are crafted to be larger than life, ensuring every moment is filled with exhilarating festive energy. Ideal for everything from Christmas advertisements and promos to festive films and live events.

Playful Christmas (18 Tracks, 588 Audio Files, LISTEN)
Heartwarming melodies and joyful rhythms transport listeners straight into a winter wonderland where every moment is sprinkled with holiday magic. From the delicate tinkling of glockenspiels to the resonant chimes of tubular bells, each song captures a unique festive mood. The gentle strumming of acoustic guitars intertwines with the energetic riffs of electric guitars, creating a soundscape that is as varied as it is captivating. With diverse styles and song selection, "Playful Christmas" resonates with listeners of all ages, making it ideal for family gatherings and festive celebrations.

Christmas Jazz (15 Tracks, 445 Audio Files, LISTEN)
Combining beloved classics with captivating original pieces, this album features soothing rhythms and melodies that bring forth the festive spirit in the most sophisticated way. "Christmas Jazz" is not just another holiday album; it's a journey through a winter wonderland adorned with the jazzy elegance of saxophones, double bass, and smooth piano solos. These jazzy renditions set the right tone for any festive or winter-themed narrative.

Tracks from other ALIBI Christmas albums have been used in everything from national commercials for T-Mobile and Ulta to trailers for CBS original movies “Must Love Christmas” and “A Christmas Proposal”, to name a few.

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