The US International Film & Video Festival 2020 Best of Festival nominees in Corporate, Documentary and Entertainment feature several previous winners. These include FreeMotion Group in Moscow, Terra Mater Factual Studios in Vienna, NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation), Tokyo, and Seed Audio-Visual Communications, Zurich.

Nominees are:


  • "The Choice," from FreeMotion Group, Moscow, done for JSC "UEC-Klimov," Rostec, St. Petersburg, uses a grandfather-grandson discussion as a platform to tell the story of aircraft design.
  • Geberit Corporate Movie,” from Seed Audio-Visual Communication AG, Zurich, tells the story of client Mibelle Group, Buchs, Switzerland, and the sanitation industry.
  • "Best Choice," from Beck & Friends GmbH, Zürich, Switzerland, for Bystronic, stresses customer support and use of technologies in sheet metal processing.
  • "The Landing," from The Film House, Doha, Qatar, uses a fictitious Viking arrival on the shores of Qatar and dialogue to tell the story of a long bond between Qatar and Norway. It was done for QAFCO (Qatar Fertiliser Company).
  • "Staycation," from K PRODZ, Nimes, France, follows a French family on a vacation in their region to promote client OPENimes Tourisme, Nimes.


  • "Borneo – Earth’s Ancient Eden," from Terra Mater Factual Studios, Vienna, explores Borneo’s tropical rainforests, which have spawned the greatest diversity and profusion of life on the planet.
  • Little Killers," Terra Mater Factual Studios, tells the story of three little-known Australian predators with pouches, a band of marsupials “with a taste for blood, bone and meat.”
  • "Okavango - River of Dreams - Episode 1: Paradise," Terra Mater Factual Studios, Vienna, is part of a four-part series on this river. This episode features Fekeetsa, a lioness severely injured by a buffalo, who has to survive and care for her cubs alone in the swamp.
  • "Nahanni River of Forgiveness," by River of Forgiveness Productions Ltd., Toronto, tells the story of the Dene, the people of First Nations and their struggle to belong, to connect to their ancestors.
  • "Black Mirror: Social Credit System and Big Data Life in China (SkyEye, A Credit Score is for Life, The Plight of Dishonest Persons)," from Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK), Hong Kong, explores 2020 China.
  • "Tokyo Rats: Kabukicho's Poisonous Beauty," by NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation), Tokyo, uses the different life experiences of a mother and a daughter to encourage sharing among generations.


  • "Kvartirnik," from FreeMotion Group, Moscow, which features a “Kvartirnik,” or apartment (music) gig to show off famous Russian musicians. Client is NTV Channel.
  • "Thank You for Me," also from FreeMotion, was done for Stork Day Foundation and addresses the issue of whether or not to tell an adopted child the truth about biological parents.
  • "Stranger in Shanghai," from NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation), Tokyo, presents Shanghai in 1921 as part of telling the history of that tumultuous period and offering a look behind the power of China today. The drama’s protagonist, Ryunosuke Akutagawa, was a great writer whose name is synonymous with Japanese literature.

The Best of Festival winners are selected by a panel of judges from the International Quorum of Motion Picture Producers ( IQ judges sponsor and select the One World Award, which goes to a work that recognizes cinematic excellence and innovative storytelling based on universal themes of humanity and contributing to a global understanding and international cooperation. Best of Festival and IQ One World winners will be announced June 15. Visit for more details.