Lifestyle filmmaker Christina Hodnet has joined production house Wild Plum, after teaming up on a campaign for Beech-Nut products with Scrum 50. 

Growing up in San Diego, California Christina got her first experiences in the film industry as a young teen in front of the camera. That ignited a spark that lead her to pursue a degree at The Art Center College of Design in Pasadena.  “I think growing up in and around advertising has really informed my work,” Hodnet says.  “I understand what it is to be a young person on camera, so I think that gave me a sensitivity that allows for natural performances.  I know what worked for me as a young performer and I have built on that experience over time.”

Hodnet is able to take that experience and combine it with her filmmaking education and her family life to create some of the most natural and beautiful lifestyle spots on the air today.  “I am the market that I’m trying to sell to often times,” she remarks.  “I don’t have to look too far for inspiration and I really enjoy conveying the real life of the contemporary family.“ Her commercial career has included work for clients such as Walmart, Hasbro, Smuckers, Tide, Campbell’s, and Band-Aid, to name a few – as well as recent projects for Rice Krispies for Leo Burnett/Toronto and Snuggle for Campbell Ewald/New York.

“We have been in love with Christina’s work for a while and had been trying to work together,” says Wild Plum Executive Producer Shelby Sexton.  “The right opportunity finally arose with Beech-Nut and we had an absolutely phenomenal experience working with her.  We’re so happy that after that production, she has agreed to make Wild Plum her home.”

Hodnet’s work brings about thoughts of insightful honesty and authenticity, encapsulating romance and sweetness, the unconditional love of a parent, the genuine affection between friends and the exploration of a young child. She captures moments that are alive with emotion and connect with her audience.

“I’m interested in the moment in between the moments,” Hodnet says. “The photo you don’t post because it’s not perfect, but in reality is more representational of your life and charming than the perfect one.”

Her innate understanding of sublime moments of interaction between people blends with her spirit as a woman and her patience as a mother, giving her the ability to capture the innocent nuances of children, babies, teens, parents, family life, and fashion.

“Christina has an uncanny ability to create incredibly natural moments and performances, across the spectrum of age and experience,” continues Sexton. “Combined with a beautiful cinematic eye, Christina’s talent is just going to continue to open more and more doors for her.  We’re so proud to now be a part of her filmmaking journey.”

The Beech-Nut project not only brought together Hodnet and Wild Plum, but also an all-female team at Scrum 50, making the project one led by women, from agency through production.  “It is something I find is happening more and more often, which is a great thing” Hodnet says. 

Sexton adds, “I love being able to champion an incredibly talented woman filmmaker like Christina, and to collaborate with wonderful female teams on the agency side is very inspiring and I hope it’s a trend we continue to see.”

“I’m so looking forward to what the future brings with Wild Plum,” says Hodnet.  “We had an amazing time working on Beech-Nut and it really solidified that they are the team I want to be working with.  Together, I think there is some really exciting work to be made and I couldn’t be happier to be part of this family.”

Christina Hodnet joins a Wild Plum roster that includes visual storyteller Fergus Stothart, the comedic mind of Trevor Cornish, Justin Leibow, who seamlessly blends live action film with stunning graphic design, action/sports documentarians South District, and doc-style/testimonial, cinematic storyteller Ben Ross.