To announce the return of StreetFC - a brand for organized, high energy, small-sided pickup soccer games - the NY-based client sought a fast, frenetic spot, emblematic of the sport. They turned to filmmaker Win Brooks, who wrote, directed and edited “We’re Back,” a campaign consisting of a :60, a :15, and a stills photoshoot.

The :60 opens at dawn, with a soccer match on TV, casting reflections on a dreaming athlete. Suddenly, his phone lights up and a notification from StreetFC reads, “We’re Back.” In the next moment, he’s dressed and haulin’ ass, hustling his soccer ball with startling skill...and that’s just on his way to the elevator. He checks the StreetFC app on his phone and books a pickup game, before bounding into the daylight. That night, the real action gets underway as our protagonist drives through rival players and scores a critical final goal.

Throughout the spot, handheld ultra-wide-angle framing provides a sense of rapid motion, while the precise choreography and transitions emphasize the highly technical nature of urban soccer. The spot utilizes practical effects such as projectors to illustrate the player’s dreams, building-sized final titles and the phone interface. The dark, high-contrast cinematography and 16mm film acquisition provide a sense of authentic, urban grit.

“This was a challenging yet rewarding project,” said Brooks, who described the production - shot over two full days - as “a marathon comprising dawn, day and night sequences. The scheduling was crucial.”

“I find working with first-time actors rewarding. Jose Perez, the lead, is an incredibly talented athlete but a novice actor. However, his enthusiasm and grit did not wane during the many takes required by most sequences,” Brooks observed. "Soccer ignites passion. The players and the star of the spot took pride in helping to bring awareness to the street side of the game.”

In addition to writing and directing the spot, Brooks served as the editor. “I am a perfectionist and when possible, I prefer to see my projects through post and delivery,” he said. “Especially when, as in this case, I also wrote the piece. The editing process is the final expression of a director’s vision and it’s rewarding to know that the absolute best of you went into every stage of the project.”

Growing up near Washington, DC, Brooks pursued fine art, communications, and marketing. After graduating from American University, he relocated to LA, began working on set, and completed a UCLA program for screenwriting.

“My commercial work has been quite fulfilling so far,” Brooks asserted, citing projects for beverage brands Chinola and Golden Road along with fashion film work for brands Inesitta and Fear The Cowboy. Between commissions, he has written, directed and donated PSAs "covering topics important to me, including the opioid epidemic and the pro-vaccine movement. I’ve been fortunate in developing relationships with dynamic brands that value innovation and creativity in their marketing.”

“I’m grateful to be able to pursue an artistic career,” Brooks concluded. “I honor this opportunity daily with hard work and innovation, expressing myself through film. The spot for StreetFC allowed me to do just that.”