An expanding fleet and other exciting options highlight Filmotechnic USA’s ride into 2017. Upgraded flight heads, additional Russian Arms, new cars and new L.A. headquarters with expanded fabrication facilities mark brisk advancement for the company, along with rounding out our locations in Atlanta, Detroit and Orlando; Filmotechnic is known worldwide for its Academy-award winning fleet of stabilized camera car systems.

Heads Up
New for 2017 are advanced electronics on the new Flight Head 6, the successor to the well-proven Flight Head 5, allowing for better control and maneuverability. The Flight Head 6 also features programmable moves and custom image stability. The introduction of the Apex Head, the sister head of the lightweight Compact Head, offers multiple mounting options, fast and smooth response for more dynamic action sequences. “It’s been a very popular option,” says Filmotechnic USA Manager, John Urso. “All of our new Flight Heads have specially designed joysticks and hand wheels to provide backlash free operation.”

More Russian Arms 
Because of popular demand, Filmotechnic USA is adding more Russian Arms to its stable, bringing the total to ten in the US. Three of which are our popular Russian Arm 6’s capable of drone-like shots at 25 feet and racing through the canyons at lengths of 15, 18, or 22 feet.  The lightweight, ever versatile, Russian Arm Mini gives new perspective when mounted to the picture car. “We can box it up and ship it anywhere,” says Urso.

New Cars/Cross-trained Crew
Filmotechnic USA just built out its fifth Porsche Turbo Cayenne S and is currently fabricating its second Ford Raptor, both complete with HD monitors and picture recorders. “Our in-house fabricating crew works in concert with our cross-trained teams, resulting in the newest, best handling car platforms pairing perfectly with our arms and heads. Here at Filmo, we understand and strive to bring new energy to work with our veterans. Our cross-training program demonstrates our continuing commitment to the entertainment industry,” says Operations Manager Jeanine Wojtanowski.

New HQ/Fabrication Facility
Filmotechnic USA recently moved into an expanded 11,000 square foot Los Angeles based headquarters to support our locations in Atlanta, Detroit and Orlando. “It was time, we needed a bigger facility to work on our many custom fabrication projects,” comments Urso. “At twice the space, our new facility allows us complete flexibility.”

More Options
“We’re all about options,” adds Wojtanowksi.  “We understand all the variables in play; from the camera package, how heavy or light, how fast or slow do you want to go? What’s the lens height you’re looking for? You going off-road or racetrack? East Coast or West Coast? We have eight different camera cars, eight different heads and five different cranes to give you the right combination for your shoot.”

About Filmotechnic
Filmotechnic is the original in the industry and established the innovative standards with which other companies are now measured by. Over the past 25 years, Oscar Award Winner Anotoliy Kokush, along with Denis Kokush have built a legacy of advancing camera car systems. Our Academy Award winning developments coupled with other respected achievements in enabling camera movements and image stabilization, deliver a diverse range of professional camera systems, camera cranes and gyro stabilized heads for film, motion picture, and advertising industries.