Commercials production company The Colony, in association with Inimitable Pictures, has released the first trailer for Undecided: The Movie - a feature-length election satire to be released on October 18 to coincide with the final weeks of the 2016 presidential election.

Featuring Aasif Mandvi and Jena Friedman from The Daily Show, and starring Davram Steifler and Jason Selvig (collectively known as The Good Liars), Undecided: The Movie gives the 2016 election the unforgettable satirical treatment it deserves.

The film’s stars went shirtless for Hillary, disrupted a Trump rally, accused Rubio of stealing their girlfriends, and exorcised Ted Cruz. Audiences will be able to watch as two “undecided” voters turn the tables on the politicians and take the campaign trail by storm.

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Synopsis: The 2016 presidential campaign just got even crazier. In this unprecedented comedy, a camera crew follows two "undecided" voters along the actual campaign trail, and no presidential candidate — on either side of the aisle — is spared. 

But when the producers of their show conspire to drive the undecideds apart, they have to band together or risk becoming pawns in a sinister plot that could change the course of the election.

Using actual footage from real-world interactions with all the major presidential candidates — including Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush (and many more!) —  UNDECIDED gives the 2016 election the unforgettable comedy it so richly deserves.

Release Date:  October 18 on iTunes, Amazon and other digital platforms

The Colony ( is a New York-based production company. Founded by David Gaddie, The Colony has access to its own visual effects studio, Afterparty, allowing its directors to fully develop their creative visions.