A month ago, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s Deputy News Media Branch Chief Benjamin Haynes issued his COVID-19 briefing update, reporting on the “very few cases” of Corona Virus in the U.S., and “no community spread.” Mr. Haynes also seized the moment to inform us of impending disruptions to our lives. Today, with most of us ordered to #StayAtHome, the number of domestic reported cases will soon exceed 123,000. (Source: https://www.cdc.gov/covid19).

Whether or not your job is officially considered “essential,” each of us must spirit onward in this new order, to protect our livelihoods, families and communities. Here are five articles offering vital information that can boost your knowledge and ensure your actions reflect expert advice.

1. COVID-19 Scenarios: Rebooting an Economy in Free Fall

Founded in 1916, The Conference Board is the non-profit, member-driven think tank delivering trusted, non-partisan insights for the future. TCB developed three scenarios for the trajectory of COVID-19 and the economic response in the U.S. Its detailed assessments for a possible (a) May Reboot, (b) a Summertime V-Shape, or (c) a Fall Recovery have vastly different outcomes. For best results, review them all, and plan accordingly.

2. Cision Resources for COVID-19 Communications

PR and earned media software and services provider Cision has published this deep resource to support all those involved in business communications - and in business. Register for free access to exclusive documents including Best Practices for Brand Communications in Times of Uncertainty, a Crisis Communications Toolkit and Checklist – and the latest COVID-19 coverage.

3. ‘It’s the recession on steroids’: Why brands need to think long-term amid the coronavirus pandemic

Sarah Vizard is Marketing Week’s news editor, responsible for all news and analysis coverage, as well as the venerable, London-based trade media outlet’s social media strategy. Focused on financial, mobile and telecoms brands, as well as agency relationships and marketing effectiveness, Sarah’s article explains: “The natural reaction to a crisis is to hunker down and protect short-term profitability, but with demand for most brands either through the roof or through the floor, marketers must look longer term if they possibly can.”

4. ‘We’re all in this together’? Why brands have so little to say in the pandemic

Fast Company is the world’s leading progressive business media brand, with a unique editorial focus on innovation in technology, leadership, world changing ideas, and design. As a veteran staff editor covering advertising, marketing, and brand creativity, Jeff Beer has a lot of insight into brand marketing at its best and worst. Published today, this story offers a rich breakdown of the four types of campaigns popping up as prominent brands switch into pandemic advertising.

5. #SMTLive Recaps: Managing Social Media When You're Not (Physically) In the Office

Industry Dive’s 75 journalists track and report on 19 different industries, ranging from retail and finance to supply chain and marketing. The company publishes 23 daily online publications reaching more than 10 million decision makers. Among them, Social Media Today provides comprehensive coverage on digital marketing, featuring up-to-date information on specific social media tactics and platforms, and much more. The focused SMT Twitter chats occur on Tuesdays, with recaps like the above appearing soon thereafter. Visit https://twitter.com/socialmedia2day on March 31 to take part in the next chat, on the subject of Mindful Marketing: Adjusting Your Tone During a Crisis.

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