Marketing agency Humanaut launched an integrated marketing campaign for client Organic Valley, an all-organic cooperative of more than 2000 family farmers producing milk, eggs, cheese, and butter. The campaign aims to build the brand's awareness amid a growing flood of greenwashing and confusing health claims in the food and beverage industry. The new campaign calls out how the competition uses sunny marketing images and vague jargon to cover up for less-than-ideal farming practices. The ads make a sharp contrast between industrial farming practices and the way Organic Valley food is made, on small family farms, without the use of toxic chemicals, hormones, GMOs or antibiotics.

Humanaut's previous work for Organic Valley, which included at least a couple viral successes, has been focused on promoting specific products, such as the dairy co-op’s protein drinks, half & half, and butter. “Call Us Crazy, But It's Working” target the growing population of people who care about where their food comes from and how it's made. In one spot, to prove that their cows (in contrast with most dairy cows) have plenty of room to roam in green pastures, they put wearable fitness trackers on them to monitor how many steps they take each day. Another spot tells the crazy origin story of what happens when a bunch of organic farmers decide to start a company and hire a farmer as their CEO. The cooperative is almost 30 years old, and last year posted a billion dollars in revenue. (Whatever they're doing, it's working.)