Freethink, a newly-launched “smart media” publication with venture capital backing from firms in Silicon Valley and Hollywood, is working with Facebook as they launch their new platform, “Watch.” Freethink will debut four science-themed shows on Watch in coming months. Three of the shows – Superhuman, Coded and Wrong – already enjoyed popular first-season runs on Facebook.

“Our shows are designed to inform and inspire viewers who are tired of media that’s dumbed down, overly negative, or both,” said Chandler Tuttle, CEO of Freethink. “We’re thrilled that Facebook has given us this extraordinary opportunity to engage the hearts and minds of many millions through the largest platform in the world.”

Freethink’s first show to be released on Watch is season two of Superhuman, a popular, award-winning documentary series that profiles pioneers and patients making breakthrough advances in medical science. New episodes include the remarkable story of a paralyzed man who regains his motor control from an experimental brain implant, and an inspiring volunteer community that has 3D-Printed thousands of prosthetic hands for children who need them.

“Watch is an exciting place for video to foster social conversation around content that connects,” said Elliot Kotek, executive producer of Freethink’s shows and two-time winner of the SXSW Innovation Award. “Freethink’s thought-provoking shows about people striving to create a better future will uniquely add to Facebook’s new ecosystem.”

Superhuman will air on Watch every Friday for five weeks, starting on September 1st. Other Freethink shows to look out for on Watch are Coded, a look at hackers on the frontlines of cybersecurity battles; On The Fringe, an exploration of cutting-edge medical treatments that are unconventional, controversial and so crazy they just might work; and Wrong, an animated series that reveals how the future often surprises us by taking a look at our history of getting things very wrong.

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