Thomas’, the number-one selling English Muffin brand in America, has launched a national ad campaign, Wake up to what’s possible. This work marks the introduction of a refreshed brand look and feel, which leans into Thomas’ distinct orange but incorpo-rates a brighter color palette, and a more humorous tone that better speaks to the brand’s core target – the “Mom Boss” – unapologetic women who own the good, bad and ugly moments of modern motherhood. 

The campaign aims to build brand awareness and engagement across Thomas’ three product lines – English Muffins, Bagels and Swirl Breads – and help the 139-year-old brand stand out in the cluttered food marketplace. 

“We’re thrilled about this work,” says Richard Link, Sr. Director of Marketing for Thom-as’. “MONO helped us infuse energy into every element, from utilizing our humor and optimism, to focusing on beautifully photographed food and pops of color that really catch the eye. We can’t wait to see how the campaign performs.”

The campaign includes fifteen and six-second pre-roll spots created by Minneapolis agency MONO. French Butter director Brett Froomer gives the venerable brand – long a staple of breakfast tables across America – a youthful, colorful spin that positions Thomas’ for a new generation.

A good example of the campaign’s light touch is the six-second spot titled “Butter Tub.”  Using time-lapse cinematography, we see a pat of butter melting on a toasted Thomas’ English Muffin, while an offscreen voice sings a slightly off-key ode to this hip new metaphor for the product. 

In another six-second installment, “Hang Up,” a mom, using a vintage rotary desk phone in a deep shade of orange, interrupts her daughter’s phone call to tell her, ‘honey, bagel time,’ to which the teen replies, ‘oh my gosh, get off the line!”

Shot in Chicago, the campaign features live action and tabletop work executed and shot by Froomer and his French Butter team, as well as print, which Froomer also photographed. The music track for each spot has a cute, video-game vibe, complementing the ‘70s-inspired hues and shades of the ads.

Indeed, the brand’s familiar orange color scheme influenced the overall look of both the print and motion work, Froomer says: “We wanted to create a world wrapped in the brand, and in the process came up with something that looks very contemporary while making the product look fantastic.”

The agency’s creative team might agree. “Brett and his people were able to see our vi-sion and found ways to continue to expand the world we were building out,” says MONO Creative Christopher Howe. “The set design, the propping, the wardrobe – their imagination was present in all parts of our shoot.”

“Everything we delivered has a graphic look that’s accented by beautiful, enticing light,” explains Froomer. “And it’s got a warm human component to it, too, which is what I always strive for – gorgeous food placed in relatable human settings.”

Coming from a still photography background, it was an easy task for the agency to commission Froomer to shoot the still component of the campaign as well, which provided for both efficiency and a consistent look. To realize the varied set of deliverables on this job, French Butter EP Ivo Knezevic mapped out the shoot across three sets on a stage in Chicago, where the crew worked for two frenzied days to meet their objectives. “We hopscotched from one set to the other to keep pace,” Knezevic says. “This let us fit 16 eggs into a 12-egg carton.”

Commenting on Froomer’s overall contribution to the campaign, MONO’s Howe says, “Brett has a gift for making your food look incredible. He’s able to find shots my partner and I wouldn't have thought possible. One that stands out in particular is a practical shot from inside a toaster. It’s an approach to food that only a true foodie could provide.”

“Wake up to what’s possible” Credits:
Client: Thomas’ English Muffins 

Agency: MONO 
Creative: Christopher Howe, Katie Riddle; Producers: Doreen Hoff, Melissa Rothman; Project Manager: Libby Nelson

Production Company: French Butter
Director/DP: Brett Froomer; Executive Producer: Ivo Knezevic; Line Producer: Marsie Wallach; Production Supervisor: Irec Kriske

Editorial Company: The Shed
Editor: Elena Lyon

Post Production Studio: Volt Studios
Producer: Kat Nadem

French Butter is represented by Julie Hoagee in the West and Mr. Bartlett in the East at 917.657.0176 or via email.  For more information on the company, contact Ivo Knezevic or Julie Hoagee see contact infomation below.