Drawing on their longstanding collaborative relationship, Fried Okra and Fusion Digital are combining representation focusing on the East Coast and South under Executive Producer Matt Hill.

“I hate to use catchphrases,” says Hill, “but it really is a win-win for both companies. Paul Griswold and Ernie Mosteller, our principal live action director, have worked together extensively in the past, and they’re good friends. Paul’s amazing work on major projects really expands the top end creative thinking and execution we can offer. His work is a compliment, rather than competition, to the existing reel. Plus, our presence in New York and the rest of the East Coast gives us the chance to introduce a lot of new folks to some great animation talent.”

Griswold was a pioneer in 3-D animation and has worked with a who’s who of celebrity talent including David Byrne, Chuck D, Cate Blanchett, Jack Black, Coldplay, Academy Award® winner Jessica Yu and Ren and Stimpy creator John Kricfalusi. His film animation projects have graced the Sundance Audience Award winning Wave Twisters, the launch of iCast Animation Channel, the immensely popular YouTube channel Film Riot, and the titles for the Oscar® short-listed Jodorowsky’s Dune. The list of national and global brands he’s worked on includes Adult Swim, Marvel, Linksys, Starbucks, Google, Starwood, Belkin, the National Association of Broadcasters, Volkswagen and the most recent LP Super Bowl campaign.    

“It just seemed like a natural fit,” said Griswold. “Not just because Ernie and I know each other so well, but because there are awesome benefits to existing and potential clients - giving them different options on different kinds of projects.”

Hill adds, “Fusion’s client base has traditionally been in the Midwest and West, while Fried Okra’s has been in New York and the Northeast. It’ll be great to show folks what they’ve been missing on both sides.”

Director Mosteller says of the new stablemate, “Paul is an incredible talent and an accomplished filmmaker and animator. Plus, he’s a sincere, genuine guy. When Matt (Hill) and I set out about a year ago to grow Fried Okra, we decided early on to take it slow, and go for the cream. This is step one of many - and it’s a really good step forward.”

Fried Okra Entertainment is a full-service production company with offices in Ft. Lauderdale and New York. On the web: www.friedokra.tv

Fusion Digital Productions is an animation and VFX house. On the web: www.fusiondigital.net  www.friedokra.tv/fusion

View Paul Griswold's Work Montage here: https://vimeo.com/176485748