With the launch of Watch Dogs®: Legion from Ubisoft ® finally here, comedic actors Jon Glaser (Girls, Parks and Recreation) and Beth Dover (Orange Is The New Black) return to the classroom for a series of new shorts from creative agency Funworks. Glaser once again stars as the offbeat “professor” and Dover as his “student” counterpart, featuring virtual battles set within an adrenaline-fueled, futuristic London. 

In addition to showcasing the videogame’s millions of playable characters, each video also spotlights the title’s co-op gameplay, depicting fast and furious action set against a comedic backdrop filled with a colorful cast of misfits, all attending a continuing education class on playing Watch Dogs®: Legion. 

For Funworks, this latest campaign was a chance to build on the strategic and comedic successes of the original campaign. “The first Watch Dogs®: Legion 101 short was really well received which is especially notable given its non-traditional longform format and the propensity for gamers to be a really opinionated audience,” explains Funworks CCO Craig Mangan. “In the end, the online audience commentary was overwhelmingly positive. It proved that narrative comedy can be a really interesting and effective way to launch a game, rather than just showing clips of gameplay.”

While once again driven by Funworks’ signature Funworkshops -- a process that brings together customers, brand marketers and comedians, all following scientifically-supported methods of opening creative pathways by generating energy and excitement in an environment conducive to surprise and laughter -- the campaign organically led to more holistic collaboration with Ubisoft®.

“The Funworkshops resulted in more than just ideas for content. It helped foster a real trust that resulted in us being a closer partner, lending our expertise to the other teams at Ubisoft®,” continued Mangan. “Our workshops have even become a tool for Ubisoft® to improve their relationships within teams and with retailers, getting them better aligned for the launches like Watch Dogs®: Legion. Collaboration and working in sync can positively transform an entire customer experience and ensure that launches are successful at every level.”

“These are the types of relationship we love,” he adds. “When you take a chance, that’s when exciting things can happen. It shows how creativity can help drive real business success.”

Watch Dogs®: Legion will be available worldwide on October 29, 2020 for the Xbox One family of devices including Xbox One X, Windows PC, Stadia, and Amazon Luna, also available on PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system.