FxFactory (www.fxfactory.com) today announced an industry-first digital color processing algorithm that processes digital video imagery to appear as it would as seen through the human eye - Xe8472.

Rooted in the concept of Color Constancy, the feature of the human color perception system which ensures that the perceived color of objects remains relatively constant under varying illumination conditions, Xe8472 is a software plugin for FCPX editors developed by Lemke Software that transforms digital video images to what a person would see if they had been observing that scene in person.

“The visual perception of humans is a highly complex process. What we 'see' is not an actual representation of technical optical data, it's an interpretation of this data by the human brain,” said Thorsten Lemke, founder of Lemke Software Gmbh. “Xe8472 is an amazing piece of software that actually simulates the physiological and psychological processes inside the human brain.”

Offered as a plugin for Final Cut Pro X editors and Apple Motion users, Xe8472 was developed by Lemke Software and delivers automatic color correction based on Color Constancy. By simply dragging the Xe8472 plug-in directly onto a clip in the timeline, editors can manually control Color Constancy levels, contrast, saturation, color mood, intensity and brightness, with easy to manipulate sliders that create colors and imagery precisely the way the human eye would perceive it in person.

This brief tutorial video steps you through the Xe8472 workflow and demonstrates how quickly and easily video is transformed to more closely replicate reality:  

View this tutorial on YouTube here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0vEPKzkuoNc

Lemke Software is best known for its award-winning photo editing software, GraphicConverter, which once bundled standard with every system shipped from Apple Computer, and is widely used by Mac users around the world.  The Color Constancy algorithm on which Xe8472 is based, was first presented in 2002 for use with still images. It took more than a decade of R&D to perfect the technology and optimize it for professional video imagery. Xe8472 represents the world’s first presentation of this groundbreaking algorithm in a commercial product for professional filmmakers.

Lemke Software Xe8472 from FxFactory is available immediately and is priced at $99 USD. For more information or to purchase Xe8472, please visit https://fxfactory.com/info/xe8472/.

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