Gamiotics CEO, David Carpenter, is beginning 2022 with a future vision that can fit in the palm of your hand. “Using new tech to enhance how we consume and produce entertainment is a driving force across industries. By creating new experiences for audiences and tools for producers, we are positioning the need for innovation as a pillar to success,” he says.

With decades of experience producing live theater, Carpenter began applying tech interactivity into stage performance to add a level of variety previously reserved for things like video games.

Carpenter’s platform is a gamification software that creates interactive entertainment experiences in live settings, via a browser-based application on a smartphone. Once open, it allows for audience polling, skill tests and other interactive elements that could affect the outcome of a performance or otherwise increase instant engagement

“We built a communication device that allows for two-way communication between audience and content, that is enabling artists to create dynamic content so that the content changes based on what the audience is choosing at that event,” he told Tim Rauf, of Technology Alberta, in an article published their Winter 2021 issue.

TheTechnology Alberta article reads:

Carpenter has always been a fan of experimental entertainment, where the audience is somehow involved in the process on stage. He was partially influenced by a show he went to in New York where audience members were handed remotes and made choices throughout the production leading to one of a dozen conclusions. While the show was peppers=ed with technical troubles, it was the first time Carpenter has seen such a concept more or less successfully executed. All it needed now was a way to hammer the dents out. He managed to do that through the smartphone.

An app was considered, but the process of downloading that on top of going to the show felt like an extra bump. After all, getting someone to buy a ticket to an event and show up is already asking them to put in effort for a night off. Instead, the team made the platform accessible through a web portal. The platform took off quickly, with programmers adding features as fast as the writers behind the productions could come up with them.

As the name indicates, using this technology has effectively gamified the live production space.

The audience members having agency in the thing they’re going through are going to believe the experience more and thus, it’s going to be more valuable and more authentic to them, Carpenter explains.

You want to be having a conversation with them and gamifying this conversation so that they are more engaged and there more there for your event so that you can do a survey, sell merch, sell more food and beverage, whatever it is you want to do.

Along with live entertainment, Carpenter recently applied Gamiotics to grassroots advertising when he helped a friend market her booth New York Comic Con. The friend was given a booth space on the fourth floor far from most of the action. The Gamiotics team engaged with convention-goers and got them to scan a QR code with their phones. This opened up the platform on their smartphone web browsers which then took them on a series of ‘missions’ like taking pictures with this or that superhero. After completing a few missions, the participants would be directed to the booth to receive a prize.

“We saw 30 times more people come to her booths than any of the other booths that were there, Carpenter says, pointing out that his friends afterward saw a 10% uptick in social media activity. These results show that even something with seemingly one-way communication-like ads can benefit from added interactivity.”

In 2022, Carpenter predicts audience engagement that is instantly accessible from the phone in the palm of audiences and event attendees’ hands, will transform experiences across the board. “We are a choice-driven society…In real-life, in gameplay, in sports and in business. When we combine that with mass appeal and convenient access, the opportunities are endless.”

About Gamiotics
Launched in 2020 by Founder and CEO David Carpenter, an expert in multiplatform content development, Gamiotics is currently the only software solution for the live entertainment market that connects the audience and content through the infinite power of technology. The Gamiotics browser-based interface allows any smartphone to access the platform making for a complete audience experience across multiple industry categories, events and programming. For more information, go to