Greyscalegorilla today proudly announces its Greyscalegorilla Plus (Plus) content creation platform has been selected by DEVELOP3D, the leading print and online magazine reporting on product design, as one of the thirty most important technologies of 2021. Greyscalegorilla made the list called ‘The ‘D3D 30’  for its work on the development of Plus that gives 3D designers access to the most comprehensive library of award-winning Cinema 4D plug-ins, hand-curated materials and textures, HDRIs, and unlimited on-demand training from industry professionals.

Since 2008, DEVELOP3D has been reporting on the latest product development technologies and innovations and is read worldwide by designers, engineers, and technologists, across a wide array of industries. Now in its second year, the list is awarded to new technologies from around the world the DEVELOP3D editorial team believes will transform the way that products are designed, developed and manufactured.

“Thanks to relentless innovation, 2021 has seen more incredible design and engineering tools made available to help professionals bring their ideas to life,” said Stephen Holmes, DEVELOP3D digital media editor. “Greyscalegorilla Plus embodies this and has earned its place on our round-up of the new technologies that we firmly believe can give our reader’s work a major boost in 2021.”

Greyscalegorilla Plus, formally announced in April, builds on Greyscalegorilla’s collective years of experience as professional 3D artists, educators and developers.

“Greyscalegorilla’s customers influence our product decisions and the high-quality 3D content and resources we develop to help them achieve their best work," says Nick Campbell, Founder/CEO, Greyscalegorilla. “The ‘D3D 30’ recognition honors this collaborative spirit made possible in part by our exceptionally talented engineering and product teams. We thank DEVELOP3D for the acknowledgment and are especially pleased the technologies in Plus are considered among the most groundbreaking to support professional designers, engineers and product developers from concept to manufacturing.”

About Greyscalegorilla
Chicago-based Greyscalegorilla is the leading online destination for tools and training resources to help motion designers and Cinema 4D artists create professional content. The company’s newest offering is Greyscalegorilla Plus, a cloud-based, subscription platform that leverages the latest technology to provide access to one of the most comprehensive, ever-expanding libraries of award-winning plug-ins, hand-curated materials and textures, HDRIs, and unlimited on-demand training from industry professionals. Updated regularly, the Plus platform demystifies all aspects of the Cinema 4D software application and top 3D rendering programs, including Redshift by Maxon, Autodesk Arnold and OTOY Octane.

Greyscalegorilla Founder, CEO and Digital Artist, Nick Campbell, is a motion graphics innovator and a renowned and trusted authority on Cinema 4D. He has taught over 100,000 motion designers and 3D animators at every level of experience. Today, the Greyscalegorilla brand enjoys a loyal community of global creative professionals and 3D aspirants. Top motion design artists including Beeple, J.J. Abrams, David Ariew, Andrew Kramer and Blake Kathryn; leading creative studios including Corridor Digital, The Mill, Framework; as well as brands such as Nike, Disney and Sony, all consider Greyscalegorilla an essential resource for their creative arsenal and professional success.