On the brink of one of America’s most-followed and contentious presidential elections of all-time, millennial-beloved Bernie Sanders is taking a reflective moment to hone in on one of the most pressing issues at the core of Hillary Clinton’s campaign: climate change. This powerful piece is part of an environmental campaign for 350 Action created in partnership with creative studios Rabbit, Rabbit & Partners and FERAL that aims to motivate young voters who were diehard Bernie fans, but now find themselves lost in this election. The piece, directed by Poppy Gordon, encourages this crop of voters to continue the momentum toward the voting polls with a poignant look at the climate change movement that spans beyond a vote for Hillary Clinton.

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The usually spirited Sanders takes a calm and reflective approach to peer into the undecided minds of his supporters and highlight the clear differences between the two candidates. The solemn video strips away the bombast of political rhetoric and peers into the tireless—and scarcely glamorous—hard work that goes into reform, reminding viewers that the road has been long and will continue at such a pace. Through a visual montage of candid moments of Sanders at rallies, intimate backstage footage and sound excerpts of an enthusiastic crowd, the piece truly illustrates Sanders’ natural ability to inspire and connect with voters of all backgrounds.

The campaign reassures Bernie supporters that Clinton’s policies are in tune with his views and they too can be “with her.”

The spot concludes with a motivational reminder to vote for Hillary Clinton on November 8 and continue the fight for a better world on November 9, because revolutions require ongoing persistence and passion to affect meaningful change.