Heard City Casting Director, Carrie Faverty, provided voice-over casting for the new documentary feature “Resistance: They Fought Back,” which sheds light on the largely unknown and courageous story of Jewish resistance during World War ll. The film made its World Premiere at the 35th Annual Boston Jewish Film Festival, and hosted in-person screenings from November 1-15, 2023.

“Carrie Faverty was a joy to work with,” expresses EP, Writer and Co-Director of “Resistance - They Fought Back,” Paula S. Apsell. “She played a keen ear for our requirements and had an innate grasp of the voices we required for the diverse roles. She introduced us to skilled actors who arrived to sessions well-prepared to deliver top-level performances. It would be a delight to collaborate again in the future.” 

“Resistance: They Fought Back” travels to Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Israel and the U.S. to illuminate the forgotten, and largely unknown, stories of Jewish resistance during the Holocaust. The film unveils a heroic account of Jews who engaged in over 60 armed uprisings, including six within the confines of death camps, and the thousands of Jewish partisans who operated in the forests of Europe. By incorporating interviews with historians, survivors and their descendants, the documentary dispels an enduring misconception and sheds fresh light on a previously overlooked segment of history. The next screening will take place on January 7, 2024 at the Mort Skirball Jewish Film Festival of Sarasota with several additional screenings planned throughout the year. 

With an impressive track record spanning more than 17 years, Carrie Faverty has been instrumental in voice casting for numerous brands, webisodes, animated pilots, animatics, narrations, promos and short films. She also has a vast history of casting for foreign language projects that helped to expand her network of contacts around the globe. Some of those languages include Spanish, French, Japanese, Swedish, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, European Portuguese, Danish, Russian, Egyptian, as well as many others.  

“Carrie is an absolute gem with a wealth of experience and a knack for finding the perfect voice for creative projects,” notes Heard City Partner/Managing Director, Gloria Pitagorsky. “She is always resourceful, seamlessly working with the rest of our production team to provide clients with the best talent available. Her expertise makes her an invaluable asset to our team and the process.” 

Committed to the continuous cultivation of emerging talent, Carrie is also a dedicated voice-over instructor. Her wealth of experience, combined with her previous roles at one of New York's leading talent agencies, uniquely positions her to identify the perfect voice for any project. Carrie's industry expertise has earned her recognition in various industry publications and she is a frequent speaker at industry events. 

“Being tasked to cast the voices of ‘Resistance: They Fought Back,’ was a profound journey into the uncharted chapters of WW2,” shares Faverty. “Shifting from my commercial VO casting norm, I had to innovate in selecting actors and providing remote audition guidance. Since starting at Heard City in 2020 amid the pandemic, I’ve embraced the challenges of VO casting, effectively bridging the gap between clients and actors. The silver lining of remote casting is the global reach it affords, broadening our talent pool beyond local boundaries.” 

Heard City’s most recent projects include spots for Kohl’s, Google, Peet’s Coffee, Lincoln, and Mercedes, among others. The Heard City Casting Division has most recently cast voices for the Waze app, Hilton, Carnival Cruises, Oxiclean, ForHims/ForHers and more.