Hybrid Collective has signed on as the latest sponsor of a Diversity Award scholarship to attend Commercial Directing Bootcamp. Filmmaker Jordan Brady - whose recent projects include a "FemiClear” ad featuring a singing lady-part (via 31000 ft agency) and a forthcoming Hilton Hotels Brand Campaign (via GSD&M) - launched the Commercial Directing Bootcamp in 2015. He has since held sold-out seminars in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago and Dallas. Eleven previous Diversity Award-winners have attended the Bootcamp: Mario Garza, Iyin Landre, Travis Wood, Alesia Glidewell, Maya Albanese, Kryzz Gautier, Alex Messianu, Bonnie McFarlane, Jody Lauren Miller, Monty Marsh and Kristyna Archer. The next Bootcamp will take place Saturday, October 12th, 2019, in Los Angeles.

According to Garza, “Jordan’s Bootcamp is the one way I’m aware of to get transitional guidance when you want to make a formal leap into directing for brands.”

The Diversity Award scholarship sends one talented filmmaker to each seminar for free. Filmmakers are judged on the following criteria:

  1. Quality of storytelling.
  2. Need for exposure to storytelling methods for brands.
  3. True passion for making ads.

“In 2019, I still see a lack of opportunities for female, people of color and LGBTQ+ filmmakers,” said Brady. “Our Diversity Award scholarship will expose one lucky filmmaker from under-represented populations to the insights of our ever-changing and competitive business. I'm flattered {Hybrid Managing Director} Susan Munro has backed our initiative.”

"We are big fans of Jordan Brady's Bootcamp. He promotes diversity and inclusion, something that Hybrid Collective strives to showcase with every project that we work on,” said Munro. “It is in this way that we work to cultivate each person's individual talents to flourish into a diverse array of skill showcased as a collective.”

Submissions for the October 12th seminar are now open. Those submitting are asked to email no more than three spots or short films to jordan@commercialdirectingbootcamp.com. The deadline is two weeks before the next seminar. Travel and lodging not included.

Following the October 12th Commercial Directing Bootcamp, another Los Angeles seminar has been scheduled for January 18, 2020.

About Hybrid Collective
Hybrid is a commercial advertising and branded content studio featuring an eclectic mix of filmmakers, ad creatives, editors, artists, comedians, musicians, educators, authors, photographers, athletes and even students. Our diverse perspective and experience combine to create stories that engage, inform, delight and inspire.

About Jordan Brady
Jordan Brady has directed more than 1000 national TV spots to date. As host of the popular podcast RESPECT THE PROCESS, Brady interviews as wide range of ad bizzers and filmmakers on a weekly basis. He recently completed his trilogy of documentaries on stand up comedy, comprised of the 2010 cult hit I AM COMIC (Netflix, Showtime), 2014’s follow-up I AM ROAD COMIC (Netflix, Hulu); and 2017’s I AM BATTLE COMIC, which followed Brady and a squadron of stand-ups to Afghanistan, Kuwait, Bahrain and Iraq, where they performed for troops serving in the US Armed Forces. Brady’s new book, Commercial Directing Voodoo: Filmmaking Spells & Production Potions, serves as a complement to his popular Commercial Directing Bootcamp.