A leading force in brand-strategic PR, Marketing and Social Media services for creative and consumer-facing companies, Hype has made its mark as a trusted communications agency with a specialized focus on branded entertainment clients. With Special Agents & Co-Founders Colleen O’Mara and Jessie Nagel in the lead, the company continues to expand its Social Media division -- Hype Social –- with newly appointed Social Media Specialists Brooke Forman and Celeste Tauchar.

“A year after officially launching Hype Social in Fall 2018, we are thrilled to be expanding the division exponentially this month with the addition of Brooke and Celeste to the Hype team,” explains O’Mara. “Not only will we be able to collaborate more closely with our entertainment clients by taking over and managing their social media networks, this enables us to further expand the agency’s overall reach to consumer-facing brands.”

“Brooke and Celeste are the perfect creative talents to join Hype Social,” adds Nagel. “Not only are they well versed in social media, they are also creatives in their own right, and bring first-hand knowledge of brand management to their work.”

Coming from the music side of entertainment — with experience behind-the-scenes as social media managers and on stage as performers — each has found a way to boost their career by combining their knowledge of social media with their passion for music. Celeste Tauchar is the ultimate multi-hyphenate, touring as a background vocalist/keyboardist/guitarist and social media manager for other artists. Brooke Forman has used her social media savvy to find and book new venues, at one point crafting an international tour. Their audacity, experience and drive augment the already robust and ambitious Hype Social team. Brooke and Celeste join Hype Social division lead Alex Lampsos, as well as Hype Social Media Specialist Logan Stoodley, who also serves as a cornerstone force at Hype.

Hype Social partners with clients to strategically develop and implement an integrated social networking presence and brand-specific voice. Clients have ranged from entertainment to consumer-facing entities, from actors to gaming companies, all with hands-on collaboration and management to generate a dialogue with the public, and hone relevant engagement.


  • Specialist Brooke Forman:Brooke Forman is an LA based singer/songwriter originating from New York City. Her collaboration with Nicky Romero on their hit single "Heartbeat" was the #2 best dance record worldwide on the Beatport top 100 charts. While cultivating her career in music, Forman soon found herself responsible for the social media accounts of record label Armada Music. Not only did Forman apply the lessons she learned at Armada to her own social media accounts and music career, it ultimately led to her managing social media for entertainment talent and for real estate firms. Brooke is beyond thrilled to be among the newest members joining the team at Hype Social.
  • Specialist Celeste Tauchar: Northern California native Celeste Tauchar is an entrepreneur, musician, and self-described "Type A artist.” The director of her own brand, Tauchar writes, records, and performs music under the alias "talker," and leads the creative direction and marketing of the project. Along with her own music, she tours as a keyboardist, guitarist, and vocalist for other artists and has performed music internationally at notable venues and festivals. When she's not working on her own creative endeavors, Tauchar consults other creatives and artists for their own branding, marketing, and social media strategies. Due to her experience marketing and branding her own personal passion projects, she feels invested in each social media client she takes on, and brings that personal investment to Hype Social.

About Hype
Hype is a boutique communications agency that provides brand-strategic PR, Marketing and Social Media services to creative companies. The company provides an extremely hands-on approach to client service and a collaborative philosophy that positions them as a preferred resource to members of the media. Dedicated to entertainment & beyond, Hype is committed to keen storytelling and promoting the creative process.