Altered.LA is proud to welcome Ila Abedian as the company’s Client Engagement Manager. Abedian will be responsible for working closely with new and existing clients, handling client accounts, and addressing any and all client needs. As the primary client point of contact, she will provide a link between clients and the entire Altered.LA team.

A former Event Manager at, Abedian has vast experience in communications, managing a large and diverse body of clients, and keeping many balls in the air. At Altered.LA, one area of focus will be engaging with clients to better understand how to reach audiences in today’s saturated media market and working with them to find innovative solutions. Abedian prides herself in both her dedication to client relationships and her talent for creative problem solving.

“Ila’s track record in assessing and meeting her client’s production needs is what drove us to invite her to join our team,” said Marcos Cline, Founder and Executive Producer at Altered.LA. “Not to mention her energetic, generous and always tactful approach.” Abedian added “One of the most important skills in production is knowing how to adapt. Throw a set of challenges at me and I know how to work around it and find a way to a successful outcome. The other trick is to stay relaxed, patient, and willing to find solutions that make everyone happy.”

About Altered.LA
For creative minds looking to expand beyond the traditional, Altered.LA offers an alternative philosophy which values the multi-disciplinary approach.  We create visual experiences across all platforms and mediums which elevate the human spirit, enlighten, innovate, and further our culture and artistic expressions.