From collaborating with Sony Tri-Star on their new intro to creating a VR experience for Iron Man to working on the promo for Atlanta season two - the past five years have brought JAMM some truly exceptional work. Grateful for all the continued support from their collaborators and clients alike, JAMM created a Showreel to proudly highlight the best of the best from their first five.

The JAMM-packed two-minute-long reel demonstrates the far-ranging skills of the studio's stellar team, showcasing their ability to not only tackle each project, but to nail each one that comes their way.

Always looking future-forward, JAMM is currently underway on expanding their space to bring color grading and a dedicated design team into the fold. This is all to provide a wider post production offering to their beloved clients, along with the same level of professionalism and attention to detail that they have grown to expect from JAMM.

"For me, the best part of the past five years is the satisfaction of growing an amazing team and progressing the JAMM brand,” says co-founder and VFX Supervisor Jake Montgomery. “It’s always exciting to look behind us at the end of the year and see who we were and what we have become."

Reflecting upon the challenges which came with building a company from scratch, co-founder/VFX Supervisor Andy Boyd comments, “Clients sometimes see us as a small VFX company, but one look at the five-year reel leaves no question about the size and scale of projects we’re equipped to take on. It’s the depth and talent of our team which allows us to out-gun the larger companies and punch way above our weight class!”

Projects featured on the Showreel: Project Credits available upon request
California Lottery “Dreams Start In The Black”
Kohler “Never Too Next”
IMAX “Infinite Worlds”
California Lottery “Triple The Feeling”
Lexus “LF-1 Reveal”
PlayStation Star Wars “Two Worlds”
Sony TriStar Intro 
Volkswagen “Betta Getta Jetta”
Die Antwoord “Alien” 
Nature’s Own “Three Little Pigs”
Atlanta “Season 2 Promo”
Universal Parks “Grow Bolder”
PlayStation Farpoint “Two Worlds”
Iron Man VR
Kia Soul Turbo “The Arrival”
PlayStation Batman “Two Worlds”
KIA “Doubt No More”
Toyota “Discovery Machine”
Kohler “Never Too Wanted”
Google Play “Start Your Engines”
Carl’s Junior “Charbroiled Chicken Sandwiches”
Hyundai “Bold Never Blends”
California Lottery “Summer of Sevens”
Lexus Hybrid “Cloudy With A Chance Of Truth”
Women’s World Cup “All Eyes On Us”
PUBG “Pan-Demonium”
Peak Games “Toon Blast”
Renault “KWID”
Xbox “Sea Of Thieves”
25x25 Director’s Showcase Cannes Film Festival
American Red Cross “Deadliest Sound”
Wonder Bread “Feed Your Joy”
KFC “Rudy II: He’s Colonel Sanders Now”