kaboom has produced and created a series of online courses for e-commerce giant Amazon over the course of two shoots along with editorial and post production. Directed by Doug Werby, The Small Business classroom is a series of over 40 videos that will live on its own website/portal to provide budding entrepreneurs with vital information about how to start a business. 

Amazon contacted kaboom for this assignment based on a trusted working relationship formed years ago. Little did they know that kaboom had already created similar mini-course content for another client, Elevate Learning Academy. This bespoke offering, honed during the pandemic, involved producing 45 videos that deliver leadership training to companies of any scale and in any location. 

kaboom’s experience in producing content for a variety of media from concept through post, along with Director Doug Werby’s background as both editor and director, provided a unique vantage point and process for both classroom-style programs. 

“The team from Amazon were very collaborative and imparted trust in us from the start,” notes Werby. “Much of the creativity for this project comes from the up-front planning. That’s where the magic happens. With the look and feel established it was all about performance and filming a lot of content over a short period of time while keeping the production value really high.”

“I love nothing more than when a project comes together like this,” comments kaboom founder/EP Lauren Schwartz. “All the various seeds that were sown over the years led to this really synergistic project. I knew we had the perfect solution with the perfect team. The whole process was one of the most collaborative and easy productions we have ever done. It was a great process.”