Killer Tracks announces Legacy, a groundbreaking new addition to its production music catalog. Recorded live with an 81-piece orchestra, the collection of 12 original tracks represents the collaborative effort of four gifted composers and some of the industry’s most talented contemporary vocalists. The result is a lush and invigorating musical journey blending rich orchestral arrangements and soaring vocals in trailer formats that will set the standard for the genre for years to come.

More than six months in the making Legacy is among Killer Track’s most ambitious recording projects to date. “We assembled a group of composers, singers and musicians who are among the best in the business and tasked them with creating a new sound,” says Killer Tracks executive producer Ryan Perez-Daple. “They pushed limits and you can hear it.”

Killer Tracks composers featured in the project include Gregg Lehrman, Boris Nonte, Cyrus Reynolds and Billy Van. Vocalists include Keely Bumford, Sarah Westen Rasmussen, Ali Meredith-Lacey, Anthony Starble, Alexandra Schultz, Jay Stolar, Phillip Howard and Jeffrey Kolhede.

Lehrman, the recent recipient of an ASCAP Award for his work on the television series Ground Floor, found the concept of blending orchestra and vocals intriguing and the collaborative process of working with the other composers and vocalists (some located halfway around the globe) energizing. “There were a lot of brilliant people involved in this project,” he says. “Half the fun was throwing out an idea and seeing what someone else came up with.”

“It was a challenge to create big, cinematic music with vocals. The orchestra fills out the spectrum; adding vocals on top of that is a delicate craft. But, the results are amazing.”

Lehrman points to the track Want It All as indicative of the album’s intoxicating fusion of pop sensibilities and orchestral power. “It begins intimately with the music crafted around the vocals, and then it grows and grows toward a huge climax,” he says.

It’s that balance of style and grace that gives Legacy its unique sound and what makes it perfect for trailer producers looking for something new. “In the trailer world, you typically see purely instrumental tracks…all of these tracks include accompanying vocals,” says Van. “It was cool to push that boundary.”

Instrumental versions and shorter edits are also available for all tracks on the album.


Track Listing

  1. Lay Me Down (Sarah Westen Rasmussen, William Patrick Van Alstine)
  2. Oh Brother (Ali Meredith-Lacey, Cyrus Reynolds, Gregg Lehrman)
  3. Take These Arms (Anthony Starble, William Patrick Van Alstine)
  4. Want It All (Boris Nonte, Gregg Lehrman, Keeley Bumford)
  5. Dawn of Destruction (Boris Nonte, Gregg Lehrman, Phillip Howard)
  6. Move Along (Alexandra Schultz, Gregg Lehrman, John Christopher Nye)
  7. I Will Be Waiting (Sarah Westen Rasmussen, William Patrick Van Alstine)
  8. Black Out the Sun (Jay Stolar, William Patrick Van Alstine)
  9. Lux (Connor Shambrook, Cyrus Reynolds, Gregg Lehrman)
  10. The Flood (Cyrus Reynolds, Gregg Lehrman, Phillip Howard)
  11. The Wolves (Cyrus Reynolds, Gregg Lehrman, Keeley Bumford)
  12. Half-Life (Cyrus Reynolds, Gregg Lehrman, Jeffrey Kolhede)

Executive Producer: Ryan Perez-Daple

Recorded at: Budapest Music Center, Budapest, Hungary
Performed by: the Hungarian Studio Orchestra
Conducted by: Peter Pejtsik
Concertmasters: Balazs Bujtor, Pal Jasz
Recording Engineer: Viktor Szabo
Assistant Engineer: Tibor Laho

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