Phantom Power, a leading production music company that supplies high-quality music to major feature film trailers, is currently celebrating its 15th anniversary with a significant expansion. Phantom Power Founder Doug Brandt has announced the naming of Craig Sternberg as Head of Client Relations and Strategic Advisor and has also announced the signing of exclusive agreements with top-tier composers Michael Maas and Jordi Rica.

Regarding these announcements, Brandt said, “We are proud of the legacy that Phantom Power has built in the Trailer business. Many of the top trailer creatives utilize our music and sound design for their projects and now it’s time to expand. Craig Sternberg is the ideal executive to help us maximize our current relationships and make further inroads across other forms of multi-media beyond our success in movie trailers.  We are also very proud to welcome Michael Maas and Jordi Rica, two of the industry's most sought-after composers, into our fold. Both composers will be exclusive to Phantom Power, while they continue to also pursue their own personal projects in contemporary music.”

Craig Sternberg brings over 17 years of experience in the music industry to Phantom Power. He has a proven track record of turning small businesses into industry leaders through his sales, business development and client relations expertise. In his new role, Sternberg will focus on improving the customer experience for existing clients, while also helping to further promote the reach of Phantom Power's music into industries other than feature films, such as video games, commercials, and television.

A German-born musical prodigy, Michael Maas has revolutionized the trailer music and sound design landscape with his innovative compositions. His work, known for blending electronic and orchestral elements, has been featured in major trailers promoting such smash hit films as Guardians of the Galaxy 3, Jurassic World Dominion and Dune. Maas’s music resonates globally, earning numerous awards and chart placements.

Renowned for his emotive and versatile compositions, Jordi Rica has achieved great success with his unique custom tracks. Notably, his cover of California Dreaming featured within the trailer promoting the film Ambulance, and his version of California Love for the Legacy: The True Story of the LA Lakers TV series have both been widely acclaimed. Rica’s work spans a wide range of genres and has been featured in various high-profile projects, making him a valuable addition to Phantom Power.


Founded in 2009 by Doug Brandt, a veteran film marketing creative director and editor known for his editorial work on the film Ambulance, and for blockbuster trailer campaigns promoting such top hit films as Transformers, Star Trek and Spider-Man, Phantom Power is dedicated to delivering top-notch music and sound design that enhances visual media, across all platforms.

As Phantom Power’s CEO and Creative Director, Brandt continues to lead the company with a commitment to innovation and excellence. With a growing roster of talented composers, Phantom Power continues to set new standards within the production music industry.

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