As Cut+Run’s founder, Steve Gandolfi has created a robust network that honors and values craft, community, and the creative process. Humbly born from a single office in London to locations across Los Angeles, New York, Austin, and San Francisco - Cut+Run inspires the global collective with its love for editing and collaborative spirit bringing to life many of the industry’s culture-defining moments. Grounded in talent mentorship, Cut+Run has launched the careers of many of today's leading editors. 

Gandolfi’s dedication and passion were recognized this summer by Shots for Editor of the Year for his editorial contribution to Apple’s Snowbrawl, Google’s Real Talk with 2 Chainz and Awkwafina, and Samsung’s Seamlessly Connect Your Galaxy. Celebrating the most innovative and inspirational campaigns coming out of the Americas, the 2020 Shots Awards honored Cut+Run with another three awards for their contributions to Apple Watch’s Flight, Harley Davidson’s Breathe, and Nike’s Chantel.  

“Never losing sight of what inspires and drives you, and working with people who share a passion for the craft are so important, especially now,” Steve says. “I had thought the event would feel different as a remote show - and it did, but not in the way you’d expect. It was actually a reminder of how connected we are, even when we have to be apart.”

Always aiming to inspire, harnessing the collaborative spirit, and being of service to clients, are essential to the culture of Cut+Run even in the middle of a pandemic. 

“We know it’s challenging times, but together as a creative community we will make it through even stronger,” comments Managing Partner Michelle Eskin. “This galvanizing moment for the company is held in gratitude as we celebrate and congratulate the editor who inspired it all.”

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