Leftchannel’s innovative team collaborated with Ohio Lottery to announce their latest 50/50 game. The production and motion design studio brings colorful, kaleidoscope-like illusions to the screen in celebration of announcing a weekly winner this fall. Now with more chances to win, it’s hard not to play.  

According to leftchannel Creative Director Alberto Scirocco, this project challenged his team to ensure that clear messaging came through the spot’s very active environment and bright color palette, confetti, and detail. “Getting that balance with the readability -- ensuring that viewers understood what the game is about and how to use it -- was key,” he explains. 

The collaboration with the client was seamless. “They gave us a great deal of creative latitude from the very beginning,” continues Scirocco. “We took the popular kaleidoscope look and made it unique. The really fun part of the project for our team was to take the live-action talent and integrate them into this unreal fun, bright, kaleidoscope world,” he concludes.

Ohio Lottery 50/50 Game - Everyone Loves a Raffle from leftchannel on Vimeo.

Screenwork Credits
Client: Ohio Lottery
Production/Motion Design: leftchannel

About leftchannel
Founded in 2003 and headed by Creative Director Alberto Scirocco, leftchannel is a motion design studio comprised of multidisciplinary graphic design artists, specializing in motion graphics. Scirocco began his career as a celebrated artist in design and art in Italy before moving to the U.S., where he helped establish the leftchannel studio in Columbus, Ohio. Scirocco’s passion for fine art is a driving force behind the firm’s decisively individualistic and pioneering capabilities. He has been a high-profile speaker recently at PromaxBDA and at the motion Conference in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Leftchannel’s innovative talent has been applied to a multitude of projects including film, advertising, broadcast graphics, architecture, retail planning, digital installation, projection mapping, and environmental design.

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