The Location Managers Guild International presents a panel discussion, “In Focus - Africa: A Conversation with Filmmaking Communities in Equatorial Africa" on Saturday, January 30, 2021. This special will raise awareness of the film business in Africa and explore some of the various filming markets on the African continent including Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, Gambia, Benin, Togo, and Senegal. The panel of talented producers, casting directors, location managers and fixer/field producers will join in the discussion and share their unique production experiences in their respective African countries, moderated by Miguel Tapia, Location Manager and LMGI Chair of the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee and Guest Moderator Oliver Kester, a UK based Producer and AD.

“At the moment, we live in a world where distance and separation are the norms. A world where new forms of communication have bridged pre-existing gaps between global communities. This panel discussion continues the tradition of unity through conversation and fostering new partnerships around the world,” said Tapia.

Panelists include Jeanne paule Gouvivide (Director, Benin), Alhagie Manka (Producer, Gambia), Aderemi Ogunpitan (Producer, Lagos, Nigeria), Mawuko Kuadzi (Casting Director, Ghana), Yaw Amponsah Apenteng (Location Manager, Ghana), Bose Oshin (Producer, Nigeria), Ayubu Kasasa (Location Manager, Rwanda), Meissa Seck (Fixer/Producer, Senegal), Samuel Akpene Wilsi (Filmmaker, Togo), Derrick Kibisi (Filmmaker, Uganda), and Timothy Odhiambo Owase (CEO, Kenya Film Commission). The special will include curated images of filming locations and will explore the robust and thriving communities that embrace productions. In addition, panelists will present some of the unique location possibilities and their experiences.

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