Health and Happiness Agency LRXD is expanding into the movie business. Its new video production department, LRXD Films, is designed to develop original assets to make creative, quality web, mobile and broadcast content without the typical outlandish costs.

“Film isn’t consumed the same way it was 10 years ago,” said Jonas Mayabb, Director of New Media Productions. “Our efficient, in-house production team specializes in telling a brand’s story in a way that’s meant to be watched by the modern world.”

Mayabb is a commercial director who has worked in Los Angeles for 16 years. He did production design for some of the biggest Hollywood blockbusters and for eight years taught Advertising and Film at Art Center College of Design. His many industry accolades include Clios, Cannes Lions, Tellys, an Addy, an ADC award and an Emmy®. He moved to Denver in June.

Today, videos account for nearly 80% of all online traffic, and 75 million Americans watch them online every day (nearly 40% watch on mobile devices). Embedded videos can increase a website’s traffic by 55%. This media is 600% more effective than print and direct mail combined.

Time is money, and making the typical video generally takes a lot of both. LRXD’s nimble in-house team compresses the ideation and planning phases to produce creative, quality content that isn’t a… production.

LRXD’s recipe for 100% client satisfaction: Under Mayabb’s leadership, the agency’s team ideates, captures and edits the video content to get to market quickly — so no translation is required by others. If the client likes it, they buy it. LRXD Films has done projects for Matchbox Restaurants, Hansen’s and Cadence & Cause.

About LRXD
Founded in 1967, LRXD is a Health and Happiness agency with expertise in every aspect of traditional and digital advertising. The agency’s brand development and full-service marketing programs benefit natural foods and products, fitness and weight loss, restaurants and recreational products and services.