Red earth stamped by horse hoofs, cheering crowds and clanging metal gates, honored tradition and new roads come together in the new YETI Presents film, “Navajo Son.” Derrick Begay is a quiet hero. Unassuming in person, bold in the ring, Begay knows the ropes of rodeo competition. As the short documentary reveals, Begay’s passion and talent was forged by family love. Cultural tradition filled the gaps of opportunity. Intimate details and wide vistas unite in a magnificent ode produced by Rabbit Foot Studios with edit, animation, color, sound and finish by Lucky Post.

Lucky Post editor Sai Selvarajan, part of the project from the on-location shoot to edit, says everything about the piece opened his eyes. From the topography to the personal journey, this was a unique opportunity to help tell an equally unique story. Focusing on the person and place over accolades, which Begay has in spades, the edit moves in time to a syncopated drum and in slow reveals set to a cinematic track by composer Jesse Woods. Digital paintings and ink stained motion awash in Navajo colors were crafted by Lucky Post’s Seth Olson to punctuate the piece with an artful interpretation of a pivotal childhood memory. Lucky Post is honored to help bring this singular story to life; one that hopes to inspire others to boldly pursue their dreams.